Welcome to CHAP


CHAP’s vision is for UK Agri-Tech innovation and expertise to drive sustainable farming systems which deliver economic, environmental, and societal benefits across the globe.



CHAP’s mission is to be the catalyst for the discovery, development, delivery and adoption of applied knowledge and Agri-Tech innovations to maximise their impact worldwide.



To increase crop productivity for future generations through the uptake of new technologies in agriculture. We bring together leading scientists, farmers, advisors, innovators and businesses to understand industry challenges, drive research and innovation, and develop and trial solutions that transform crop systems. We work with pioneers to translate and promote the solutions for market adoption and improved productivity.



  • Innovation: we seek out pioneering ideas and better ways of working
  • Synergy: we build on positive collaborative partnerships
  • Inspiration: we believe in a better future through advanced technology, sustained productivity and affirmative environmental impact
  • Trust: we work confidently, professionally and assuredly in all we do


We will achieve our goals through

  1. Real independence and integrity: a trusted network of local and international experts in science, technology, investment, government and industry.
  2. Accomplished, creative professional services: delivering contract research, bid writing, consortia building, workshop facilitation, project management and industry horizon-scanning to deliver against global sustainable farming priorities.
  3. Harnessing world-class research facilities: access to technical and scientific expertise delivering ground-breaking innovation to optimise and magnifiy investment impact.
  4. Effective and meaningful demonstration capabilities: trial and showcase innovation in action under authentic conditions, coupled with peer-to-peer learning to de-risk investment and maximise adoption.
  5. Best in class business support: a portal for start-ups, spin-outs and entrepreneurs with access to investors, mentors, facilities and community to incubate, accelerate and scale successful Agri-Tech businesses.


Working together, we will create and build the outstanding sustainable farming systems of the future, delivering unparalleled economic and societal benefits for all.


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For more information on our capabilities or to discuss a collaboration and/or grant for a commercially funded project, please email info@ukagritechcentre.com