Innovation Hub for Controlled Environment Agriculture (IHCEA)

CHAP has partnered with Liberty Produce to establish the Innovation Hub for Controlled Environment Agriculture (IHCEA) which is housed at Liberty’s Future Farming Hub on site at the James Hutton Institute, Invergowrie.

IHCEA carries out development, testing and research into next-generation technologies to improve the cultivation of indoor and protected crops. The aim is to drive innovations that reduce operational costs and improve the yields from controlled-environment farms, providing benefits to growers, food processors and consumers.

This capability offers the flexibility to test growing regimes, lighting applications and nutrient mixes on a variety of crops across varying hydroponic production systems (eg.ebb and flood, deep water, and nutrient film technique systems).

Services Include:

  • Design of high-efficiency, dynamic LED systems with improved lighting control.
  • Optimising lighting solutions for plant growth and nutritional content, including spectral combinations and intensities
  • The development and integration of nutrient enhancement technologies
  • Developing and conducting studies to test and integrate technology in systems that are scalable and representative of commercial production.

For more information on CHAP's partners in this capability go to Liberty Produce and James Hutton Institute. For any further information about this capability or to discuss a collaboration and/or grant for a commercially funded project, complete the form below. For information on CHAP's other CEA capabilities go to VFDC, NLG, Advanced Glasshouse and Crop Storage.