Upcoming Events


  • Conference: Scottish potatoes in a big world (Online)

    Wednesday 27th January 2021

  • Agri-TechE Missions – Automating Agriculture: Opportunity for UK Agri-Tech to help US Fruit & Vegetable Growers (Online)

    Wednesday 27th January 2021

  • Webinar ‘How to develop an agri sector solution from idea to reality’ (Online)

    Thursday 28th January 2021

  • SSCG Africa Agribusiness Summit (Online)

    Thursday 28th January 2021

  • Connect Agro Summit UKCOL (Online)

    Tuesday 2nd February 2021

  • Chap Event: Webinar: Crop Phenotyping & Soil Health: Bridging the gap between science & practice (Online)

    Wednesday 3rd February 2021

  • Conference: Next steps for achieving net-zero emissions in the UK by 2050 - local and national policy, tackling challenges for key sectors, and the pathway to a just transition (Online)

    Tuesday 9th February 2021

  • Tech Innovations for a Sustainable Future (Online)

    Thursday 11th February 2021

  • Conference: Priorities for moving forward low carbon heat in the UK - strategy, policy, regulation, and supporting delivery (Online)

    Thursday 25th February 2021

  • Conference: Controlled Environment Agriculture – The Industry is Growing Up (Online)

    Thursday 25th February 2021

  • Conference: Advances in Biological Control and IPM 2020 (Online)

    Friday 26th February 2021

  • Low Carbon Agriculture Show 2021 (Online)

    Tuesday 9th - Wednesday 10th March 2021

  • World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit 2021 (Online)

    Tuesday 9th - Wednesday 10th March 2021

  • Future Food-Tech Summit (Online)

    Thursday 11th - Friday 12th March 2021

  • Conference: Next steps for carbon capture, usage and storage in the UK - market development, regulation, and the low-carbon economic recovery policy agenda (Online)

    Tuesday 16th March 2021

  • Conference: Next steps for climate change policy in Scotland - priorities for achieving net-zero, just transition, and adaptation and resilience (Online)

    Tuesday 16th March 2021

  • Conference: From Farmer to Pharma – The Potential for Medicinal Plant Production (Online)

    Wednesday 12th May 2021

  • Conference: Improving Farm Safety With Innovative Agri-Tech (Online)

    Monday 24th May 2021

  • 2021 III International Symposium on Carrot and Other Apiaceae (York, UK)

    Monday 4th - Thursday 7th October 2021


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