Current Members


AAC was established by a group of industry leading software development and project management professionals with a lean, post agile and innovative approach to project analysis and integrated delivery. They specialise in providing innovative solutions to real world problems with a eye on cost and quality, and working with customers as partners on their automation journey. https://aac-ltd.co.uk/

Aardra Systems

Aardra Systems is an R&D company that manufactures a wide range of sensors and systems, with the primary focus on smart irrigation controllers for agriculture and horticulture. As water is a receding resource, their smart irrigation controllers aid farms in utilising water resources more efficiently and effectively, contributing to improved yields. Aardra Systems is continually enhancing its technology and is open to collaborating with other organisations to improve the agriculture sector. aardra.co.uk 

Acorn Biz Solutions

Acorn Biz Solutions is an independent business-focused consultancy, run by Dr Ali Hadavizadeh, eager to improve the establishment and long-term prosperity of start-ups and SMEs in Food and Agriculture sector by accelerating their growth, international competitiveness, and sustainability through provision of meaningful, tailor-made business support initiatives. www.acornbizsolutions.co.uk

AEH Innovative Hydrogel

AEH Innovative Hydrogel (“AEH”) is an early stage company with a mission to decarbonize agriculture. Its hydrogel product will address the environmental concerns affecting indoor farming and  enable indoor growers  to produce fresh vegetables/crops in a sustainable way and at a lower cost. aehinnovativehydrogel.com

Africa Scotland Business Network

Africa Scotland Business Network (ASBN) is an international organisation, based in Africa, that is bridged with the private and public sector of Scotland. Its focus is building a contemporary, inclusive, cross sectoral business network that is primed for networking and seamless business exchange. ASBN currently has a high performance member footprint in 11 countries. ASBN's key industry focus is energy, agriculture, education, technology and entrepreneurship. africascotland.network


Agrii have research and development capabilities, designed to empower agronomists and growers with the most comprehensive information, production technology, expertise and support for sustainable and profitable farming in the UK. Whatever your sustainable farming, nature recovery or regenerative farming goals are, Agrii can guide you to a profitable and successful future. www.agrii.co.uk


AgriSound is an agri-tech start-up specialising in IoT solutions to help reverse the decline in pollinating insects. Its sensor technology enables users (beekeepers, farmers) to optimise management practices for enhanced bee health and productivity, leading to greater fruit and honey yields. The company has a core offering of hardware (sensor platforms and internet gateway) and software (user interface and cloud-based predictive algorithms) for remote beehive and wild pollinator monitoring. agrisound.io


AgriTIERRA's mission is to support organisations to deliver and exploit responsible, profitable, digital-agricultural and supply chain solutions that put people and the planet first. They are a UK registered company operating across UK and LATAM markets providing business and technical consultancy services. They leverage UK and LATAM experts in business, finance, agri-food systems, and technology to support their clients to address environmental, agricultural, and supply chain needs. agritierra.com

AgTech Garage

In partnership with leading companies in its segments, AgTech Garage is the most relevant agribusiness hub in Latin America, being the protagonist of a new innovation dynamic in Agribusiness: open, networked, collaborative, and agile. AgTech Garage’s initiatives promote the connection between agribusinesses, start-up's, producers, investors, universities, and other stakeholders in Agriculture’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem to develop technological solutions that increase the sustainability and competitiveness of Brazilian agribusiness. www.agtechgarage.com/homepage

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon (AC) presents a ground breaking solution with its AI-driven sensor technology capable of accurately detecting an extensive range of scents and VOCs. Our innovative technology holds the potential to transform various sectors, including food storage, ‘health wearables’, and environmental management. By providing precise and timely data, AC’s technology can facilitate informed decision-making, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and sustainability. Altered-carbon.com


Antobot is a robotics start-up. It develops integrated automotive-grade universal Robot Control Units (uRCU®) – the “brain”, both hardware and software, for intelligent mobile robots. With its universal, configurable, and reliable design, uRCU® could be applied to a very wide range of mobile robotics applications, particularly suitable for off-road and harsh environments in the agriculture industry. Antobot also develops agricultural mobile robot platforms and specific agricultural robotics solutions based on the uRCU®. antobot.co.uk


Aranet are a growing tech company that offers a full IoT ecosystem to make our clients smarter. They design, develop and manufacture our own products – sensors, base stations and software. Aranet is a brand of SAF Tehnika JSC, one of the leading global microwave data transmission equipment manufacturers in over 130 countries. aranet.com

The Association for Vertical Farming

The Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) is the leading global, non-profit organisation that enables international exchange and cooperation in order to accelerate the development of the indoor/vertical farming industry. https://vertical-farming.net/

Barclays Eagle Labs AgriTech

Barclays Eagle Labs connect traditional agriculture with new and emerging innovation to help create sustainable efficiencies in farming and agriculture to close supply chain gaps in food production.  www.labs.uk.barclays/our-industries/agritech/

Berry Gardens

Founded more than 40 years ago, Berry Gardens is the UK’s leading berry and stone fruit production and marketing group. It is a cooperative wholly owned by UK growers. berrygardens.co.uk

Biocore Agri

Biocore Agri is a UK manufacturer of a highly nutritious marine based regenerative soil improver that supports high yields, restores depleted soils and provides a strong alternative to chemical based fertiliser. Their technology is now Patent Pending and approved by the Soil Association as an organic input. They are the first in the UK of its kind to have gained DEFRA approval for wide use across the agricultural sector. biocoreagri.co.uk/

Bioelements Limited

Bioelements Limited (Trading as Bioelements Agro) is a bio-tech business focused on the intelligent use of microbial based biostimulants in commercial agriculture. These products are aimed at a broad spectrum of crops, from cereals and salads to root vegetables and trees and depending on the product aims to increase yields, and disease and pest resistance or a combination of the three with everything starting from the concept of improved soil health and fertility. That’s not to say they are only soil treatments, it simply means this is where it starts but the buiness can help at different stages of plant or crop development. bioelements-agro.co.uk


Bionema is a leading producer of biopesticides. The experts have over three decades in handling microbial strain identification, development and commercialisation for pest and disease control in agri-tech and public health, especially for producing biopesticides, biostimulants and biofertilizers. The fundamental idea driving Bionema is product innovation through value addition. Their constant effort to achieve product improvement, consistency and performance is perceptible through their activities, both in manufacturing and quality assurance. At Bionema, they believe in strict loyalty to “Innovation” and in building values for customers by supplying both products and services of international standards. Their products thus conform to global standards ensuring consistent availability of world class products. Bionema.com

The Biorenewables Development Centre

The Biorenewables Development Centre, or more commonly known as the BDC (a subsidiary of the University of York), is an open-access Research, Development and Demonstration organisation working at the interface between academia and industry to develop, scale-up and help commercialise bio-based products and processes. www.biorenewables.org/

Biotica Ltd

Biotica.Ltd is a start-up company with innovative solutions to increase sustainability in Agriculture. They are presenting alternative sustainable solutions to several agricultural and farming problems that are known to cause pollution and are responsible for high GHG emissions. https://www.agri-biotica.co.uk/bc/

British-Kazakh Society

The British-Kazakh Society was founded in 2002 to promote the best of relations between the United Kingdom and Kazakhstan and to enhance the bilateral relationship by organising monthly events and webinars focused on the business, political and economic issues between the two countries. ​The British-Kazakh Society is constituted as a not-for-profit legal entity with a Board of Trustees. It is honoured to have HE Nursultan Nazarbayev as its Honorary Patron and both Ambassadors as our Honorary Presidents. bksoc.org.uk


BugBiome specialises in pioneering microbial-based pest control solutions, integrating cutting-edge research in microbiology, entomology, and data science. Harnessing the natural protective properties found on the skin of humans and plants. BugBiome offers sustainable, biologically derived alternatives to traditional chemical pesticides. www.bugbiome.com/

Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing

Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing is an independent publisher of market-leading content for scientists, researchers and practitioners working in agriculture. With over 150 books and contributions from over 5000 agricultural and food production experts across 2500 chapters we have a wealth of trusted knowledge that continues to provide key benefits for our readers saving them time locating research and bridging the gap between that research and practical application. We hope our publishing enables and empowers you to make a positive impact on sustainable agriculture, climate change and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  www.bdspublishing.com

Campden BRI

Campden BRI provides science and technology, analytical, research, training, regulatory, publications and advice services to the food, drink and allied industries. campdenbri.co.uk

Capital Agri

Capital Agri International is an agri-food investment and advisory company who add value to business through value creation and supporting investment decision making. It has launched a new portfolio focused on commercialising sustainable solutions in the crop science field. We are living through a period of game changing scientific advances leading to better solutions for crop growers and the wider society, which provides great opportunities for both innovators and investors. However, innovators are often inexperienced in planning for funding and may also not have the ag industry background to fully exploit their market opportunities. And investors often need specialist input as well. Capital Agri has a successful track record supporting the growth of agri-food business, applying their extensive global experience and network to increase the probability of success from agri-food businesses and investments. capitalagriinternational.com  


Cropimpi Ltd  is a South Africa based company that conducted research trials on crop protection products. They do demo’s sits and assist international companies to extend their product range and business to the SA market. Cropimi also develop and manufacture hydroponic growing systems and provide accredited training and mentorship on farming practices. cropimpi.co.za/

Crop IQ

Crop IQ Technology is a biotechnology company founded as a global business that operates on a customized scale specializing in manufacture, marketing, commercialization of environment friendly novel and conventional IPM products to control insects, pests, and pathogens, utilizing non-toxic/low toxicity controlled release insect pheromones, attractants, repellents, natural/low risk insecticides and crop protection solutions. cropiqtech.com

Crystal Heart Salad Company

Crystal Heart is a specialist propagator of salad, herb and vegetable plants, supplying professional growers throughout the UK. Their core business is the production of lettuce plants in peat blocks. However, they supply a wide range of species in various formats, including for indoor hydroponic production. The company is based in East Yorkshire, with a production base including 16 acres of greenhouses.


Established in 1946, Doff is a UK-based supplier of amateur garden care products, with an AgChem division selling molluscicide globally. Doff has a track record in partnering with agricultural product developers to deliver value and innovation to the hobby gardener.  Its experience of investing in authorisations to support product development makes the company an ideal partner for those who consider there is a retail opportunity for their intellectual property. doff.co.uk


Ecospray is an independent biopesticide business based in the UK. They have researched, developed, and registered an extract of garlic as a pesticide, with registrations currently covering a range of crops in over 20 countries globally (across 4 continents), and a further 9 countries pending. Registrations cover nematicidal, insecticidal, and fungicidal uses. www.ecospray.com/

Engage Crop Solutions

Focusing on nutritional, biostimulatory and rootzone based support, Engage technologies address growth limiting factors and provide a holistic approach to limiting susceptibility to biotic and abiotic stress. This ensures farmers and growers can continue to grow the highest quality crops and produce. Engage offers advanced technologies backed by strong technical support and service. Their team of highly experienced agronomists are dedicated to support their technologies and customers wherever in the world they are. engagecropsolutions.com

Enviresearch Ltd

Enviresearch provides regulatory and risk assessment support for the chemicals industry, with dedicated expertise in assessing the risks of Plant Protection Products (PPPs) for compliance with EU and UK regulations. The Enviresearch team come with backgrounds of working at academic institutes, research organisations, agrochemical producers and national chemical regulators, within the fields of agronomy, chemistry, environmental fate of chemicals, ecotoxicology and endocrine disruption. Through combining this scientific expertise with a detailed knowledge of chemical regulation, Enviresearch sets out to deliver innovative solutions in assessing the risk of chemicals to human health and the environment to support of their registration in line with regulatory requirements. enviresearch.com

Eurofins Agroscience Services Limited

With over 30 years of experience in Crop Protection, Eurofins Agroscience Services is a global CRO offering exceptional technical knowledge and regulatory support to agrochemical manufacturers and the seed industry. In a dynamic and complex regulatory environment, our priority is to support clients through every stage of the registration process.  Conducting field and laboratory studies to determine the safety and efficacy of new bio-rational and chemical plant protection products is core to our technical activity, with registration services provided by our in-house team of regulatory experts. A unique global network of expertise allows Eurofins Agroscience Services to extend services to plant breeders, biocide and other chemical manufacturers. This service offering is continuously developed by knowledge transfer initiatives between the Group's various centres of expertise across the world. https://www.eurofins.com/agroscience-services/


Evoponic has serviced the hydroponic growing industry with unique nutrients and biostimulants since 2008, it is now bringing its proven technologies to wider areas of crop production. https://www.evoponic.com/

FA Bio

FA Bio is passionate about increasing agricultural productivity and sustainable farming. FA Bio's’s cutting-edge technology, the SporSenz sensor, makes soil-health analysis affordable and accessible to all growers. The SporSenZ is simply inserted into the soil and samples the dominant microorganisms that are actively growing in the soil, facilitating a unique soil-health screen. FungiAlert’s microbial analysis is game changing, as it provides a unique understanding of the soil microbial populations and facilitates the discovery of microbial biocontrol agents. fa-bio.net

Fargro Limited

Fargro is a horticultural distributor operating across the UK with a focus on the development of new and novel crop protection technologies such as biopesticides and digital solutions to support growers and improve IPM programmes in a range of crop. fargro.co.uk

Farm Smarter

The FarmSmarter app, supported by Innovate UK, is making sustainable smallholder farming profitable through technology. Supporting farmers in developing regions adapt to climate-smart farming, FarmSmarter provides propagation, soil management and weather information via an accessible interface, designed to suit farmers of all education levels. The goal is increased productivity, profitability and resilience for smallholders through AI crop disease identification, prevention and prediction. Crucially, GPS mapping records farm boundaries, supporting land ownership and access to finance.


Farm Urban

Farm Urban is on a mission to transform our cities, towns, and organisations into greener, healthier, and more inclusive places. They take a holistic, joined-up approach, embedding healthier, more nutritious, and sustainable systems into the fabric of society. They install and operate urban farms, deliver education programmes, ESG packages, and consultancy services to help others around the world do the same. www.farmurban.co.uk


FlexFarming has developed a CEA based strawberry growing platform that can produce delicious and sustainable strawberries regardless of the season and climate 365 days a year. Their growing platform is digitally enabled (IoT, Automation, AI). At its core, there is a decision-making engine that utilises data to plan the operation with the objective to minimise operating cost while maintaining yield and quality, and minimising environmental footprints. flexfarming.co.uk/ 


Fotenix is an agricultural diagnostics company, looking to provide crop producers with deterministic sensing. Its technology uses deployed colours of light, combined with embedded artificial intelligence to detect plant status, such as nutrients or disease, and informs application sprayers or phenotyping scores based on real-time results. A Fotenix-enabled system - the next level of precision farming - and a cloud platform, enable agronomic insights based on the inputs used. fotenix.tech

Fresh Produce Consortium

Widely recognised as the voice of the UK industry, FPC plays a unique and crucial role in creating opportunities and supporting the growth of its members' businesses. Their extensive membership encompasses all aspects of both domestic and global supply chains of the fruit, vegetable and the flower industry. FPC is owned by its vast membership and they work exclusively for them. Their current membership stands at around 700 businesses which continues to grow year on year. Members include retailers, distributors, importers, wholesalers, processors, packers, food service and a large number of associated members including freight handling, ports, embassies, laboratories, business solutions, lawyers, packaging, recruitment and trade media. www.freshproduce.org.uk

Fyto Ltd.

We believe a critical part of the solution to a sustainable food system lies in a hyper-local food production and distribution model, using hydroponic vertical farming. This way food is more sustainable, fresher, tastier and more nutritious. We operate a small grow room, supplying Newcastle's top restaurants with the freshest produce available, and we sell the equipment for on-site growing in homes, businesses and schools, enabling a more sustainable and fairer food system. https://www.fyto.org/

Gaiago Sas

Gaïago was born in 2014 near Combourg, Brittany, in response to the challenge of revitalizing agricultural soils locally. Today, they are based in St-Malo with the ambition of deploying our vision and solutions internationally. The co-founders, themselves from the farming world, started from a simple observation: our soils are deteriorating even though they determine the quality and quantity of our crops and food. www.gaiago.eu/

Garden Innovations

Garden Innovations is developing an inexpensive, reliable, simple to operate and manufacture device, “Actuator”, that can be used to monitor and control Irrigation and hydroponics systems water supply, nutrients and other material additives.  Unlike current systems it does not require an electricity supply, and the very expensive peripherals that these systems require to operate.  The Actuator is also more adaptable and can use more local resources and recycled materials that most current systems do not allow. garden-innovations.co.uk      


Gardin is a UK based VC-backed startup on a mission to create a more nutritious and sustainable world. Our scientists and engineers are developing optical remote sensing technology, computer vision and analytics to measure plant physiology. Gardin specialises in delivering insights on plant health versus the growth environment to reduce waste and make growing food more sustainable. Gardin’s tools and technologies will empower food producers to grow superior yields with the highest nutritional density; optimally, sustainably and affordably. gardin.co.uk

GE Current, a Daintree Company

GE Current, a Daintree Company, has spent years perfecting its lighting technology and researching the specific needs of the horticulture industry. The result? A full range of innovative Arize™ horticulture LED lighting products designed to provide the optimal light spectrums to help achieve high-quality yields with shorter growth cycles. Arize LED lighting provides longer life, energy savings and lower maintenance compared to traditional light sources. The company continues researching and innovating to supply the lighting needs of the industry. currentbyge.com

Glaia Ltd

Glaia develops nanotechnology-based solutions for sustainable agriculture. Their mission is to enhance agricultural productivity and reduce pressure on natural resources by optimising plants’ performance. Their first family of products, the sugar-dots, enhance the photosynthetic efficiency of plants, the current bottleneck in agricultural productivity. www.glaia.co.uk 


GroPro was an early visionary in the bio-based market when they founded their international operations in 2019. From that point, they have been working tirelessly to innovate and lead the global development, research, education, and adoption of the bio market. Because of this, GroPro has been able to work with some of the top growers worldwide to evaluate and prove their materials' efficacy as a rotational and stand-alone product line for a truly integrated pest management approach. www.groproag.com


HAI develops tools that enable indoor farmers to consistently produce high-quality crops by enhancing operational efficiency, through plant root monitoring and ensuring the best harvest possible through their diagnostics, enabling optimisation of growing inputs through a 24X7 plant monitoring system.

Hazard Evaluation Ltd

Hazard Evaluation Ltd (or HazEL™) is a New Zealand based company whose purpose is to reduce chemical harm. Their SaaS tool ranks chemicals according to their environmental and human health effects, and alerts users to new information that indicates a product might be considered a chemical of emerging concern. www.chemhazel.com/

HM Prison & Probation Service

Public sector Prisons. The Land Based Activities Team (LBA) assist all prison sites in delivering horticultural practices. Horticulture in prisons is the biggest employer of all the sectors undertaking work with offenders. gov.uk/government/organisations


HSBC Agriculture are proud to say we were the first banking team to provide specialist knowledge and support focussing entirely on the industry. Our national network of Agriculture Managers are dedicated to helping farmers and growers drive their businesses and realise their goals. Our aim is to increase our support to farmers with a growth mind-set, to allow them to take advantage of the opportunities that the marketplace, technology, innovations and the drive to net zero and sustainability bring. https://www.business.hsbc.uk/en-gb/campaigns/agriculture

IBERS Aberystwyth University

Established in 2012, IBERS Distance Learning at Aberystwyth University has an excellent track record in training agri-food professionals. Their aim is to support the sector to become more sustainable and resilient by helping it to adopt circular economy approaches. Their carefully curated online modules provide you with the latest thinking in sustainability practices and technologies as well as the communication tools to allow you to pass on this knowledge effectively. The IBERS DL programme’s ‘pay-as-you-go’, ‘pick-and-mix’ format means that you can take individual modules or build up to a range of postgraduate qualifications. So, if you are interested in ideas such as: shorter supply chains, waste reduction and tools to identify carbon hotspots, in sectors ranging from meat and dairy to vertical farming, this could be the programme for you! ibersdl.org.uk

INDO Lighting

INDO is an award-winning LED lighting manufacturer. Its Element Grow Light technology stands apart from other protected crop systems, since it operates without an LED driver. This gives growers outstanding performance up to 250,000 hours lifetime, all backed by a 10-year warranty. indolighting.com

Insta Associates

Insta Associates is an innovation strategy consultancy. They are an innovation advisory platform for organisations looking to build a more sustainable world. Their core activity is venture development in emerging markets focused on tackling climate changes and biodiversity challenges. www.insta-associates.com

Intelligent Growth Solutions

IGS is a multi-award-winning global business, based in Scotland, which designs, supplies, and supports vertical farms for growers all around the world. It was founded in 2013 by a farmer and an engineer – addressing key challenges in the food industry with precision indoor agriculture. They blend engineering, crop science and agronomy skills to build the best technology to allow their customers (the growers) to succeed. Their vertical farming systems use Total Control Environment Agriculture (TCEA) to manage each stage of the growth cycle. igs.farm


Interagro (UK) Ltd is a leading manufacturer of agricultural adjuvants and biostimulants that help farmers achieve more sustainable and profitable food production through superior plant health. Trusted by growers and suppliers alike, they've been at the forefront of adjuvant innovation for almost 30 years, consistently outperforming competitors to deliver unbeatable results. interagro.co.uk

International Pheromone Systems

International Pheromone Systems works with Integrated Pest Management and pesticide companies with a nature based approach, to monitor and manage pests in agricultural and domestic environments. internationalpheromones.com  


Keltie is an intellectual property firm that helps businesses with patents, trademarks and registered designs. Every client, from individuals and start-ups to SMEs and multinationals has their unique needs. Keltie prides itself on taking the time to understand its clients’ businesses, plans and ambitions. It works with them, to help them grow, advising at every stage and ultimately providing them with high value, useful protection that makes a difference to their business. keltie.com


Knowmatics is a data and technology consultancy and design organisation focusing particularly in the agri-food sector. The team has a combined 60 years experience working in the crop protection, food and agribusiness. It provides support to  organisations who need to overcome data, technical and interoperability barriers to capture value and break-through to markets. It has worked with a wide range of multinational companies, regional businesses, NGOs and university startups, helping define workable and practical strategies for: data ethics, FAIR data, technology integration from IoT to exploitation, and business exploitation for new innovations. knowmatics  

LettUs Grow

LettUs Grow designs efficient aeroponic irrigation and farm management systems for indoor farms. It has tackled some of the major issues that have been preventing aeroponics being operated at scale. Its systems are nozzle-free, wipe-clean and completely automatable providing the simplicity of hydroponics but with all the benefits of aeroponics! All data gets uploaded to the Ostara software platform, which reduces unnecessary labour and optimises conditions for each individual plant species within the farm. lettusgrow.com


LLEAF, an agricultural technology company, has invented a unique patented product that allows growers to harness the power of sunlight to increase yield and boost profit for growers. LLEAF produces luminescent films that can be retrofitted on greenhouse ceilings. Its special light modifying property will give plants optimal grow lights that will not only improve the yield of crops but also enable growers to control the time of harvest. lleaf.com.au

LOHAS Recycling

LOHAS Recycling applies the disruptive rapid fermentation technology and the innovative process to recycle and valorise the bio-based materials, and manufacture high value organic-based fertiliser in an environmentally-sustainable way. They are constantly sourcing collaborations and exploring the potential of our sustainable future fertiliser in combining with other manufactured fertiliser for the best result in, not only the plants growth, but also the optimum Nitrogen Usage Efficiency, minimum nutrient loss or emission, for protecting our planet. lohasrecycling.co.uk

Lumatek Ltd

LUMATEK Professional Grow Lighting solutions for wholesale, indoor growing and large horticultural projects. They supply LED’s, complete fixtures, electronic ballasts, grow lamps, reflectors, digital lighting controllers and others, together with a high standard service to the Horticultural, Hydroponics, Aquatic and Industrial markets through Europe and beyond. www.lumatek-lighting.com/

Marks and Spencer

M&S is a leading British retailer bringing quality, great value food, clothing and homeware to millions of customers around the world. https://corporate.marksandspencer.com/  

Moa Technology Ltd

Moa Technology harnesses principles of natural selection to accelerate the discovery of new herbicide modes of action to create better, safer herbicides so farmers can continue to feed the world. By having science and technology work with nature, we can effectively screen more compounds giving us an unprecedented head start towards sustainable crop protection. It studies real-world effects on whole plants so it can ask better questions earlier, enabling it to make safer choices about the compounds it explores. moa-technology.com


With a 35-year heritage of agricultural innovation and expertise, growers worldwide use Momentive’s Silwet™ and AgroSpred™ adjuvants to help agrochemical ingredients stick, spread and penetrate plant surfaces – leading to better weed, pest and disease control. And, when foam builds up from mixing and transporting agrochemicals to the field, its SAG™ antifoams can help knock down foam fast and keep it controlled longer – boosting productivity and ensuring active ingredients aren’t diluted due to foaming. momentive.com

Muddy Machines

Muddy machines enables growers to grow more, produce locally and ensure that the food we eat is fresher and more sustainable. Its new category of field robots helps growers manage their labour-intensive crops by solving their biggest challenge, labour shortages. muddy machines.com


NatureBound is on a mission to help farmers to leverage biodiversity data. Their observability platform integrates agricultural and biodiversity data from an open ecosystem of scalable monitoring providers with the latest remote sensing and AI technology. Their ML models optimize yield, use of agrochemical inputs and biodiversity uplift, enabling a swifter more profitable transition to sustainable agriculture. naturebound.ai


NatureMetrics measures and monitors biodiversity using eDNA analysis of soil, water and insects. They enable corporations to effectively report on their impact on biodiversity across their portfolio via their Nature Intelligence Platform. They track changes and improvements using easy-to-interpret metrics. They work globally and are headquartered in the UK. naturemetrics.co.uk/

Nature Techs

Nature Techs Ltd, a prominent British AIoT company, specialises in delivering AIoT and smart solutions for agriculture, energy, education, healthcare, transport, and smart city industries. Their innovative solutions are designed to optimize sustainable productivity, allowing growers to efficiently produce higher-quality yields while minimizing their use of precious resources. agritechs.co.uk

Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University's research in Vertical Farming explores the opportunities posed by developments in Smart Green Growth for sustainable agriculture and global food security, bringing together scientists, engineers, industrialists, investors and policymakers to tackle the challenges through research and technology solutions. They are exploring how the UK can become a global vertical farming hub and a European leader for the development of Smart Green Growth for improving Global Food Security. https://www.ntu.ac.uk/


OptiGene are a molecular diagnostics company dedicated to the rapid detection of bacteria and viruses. Delivering advanced point-of-application, near real-time detection of plant diseases and pests,  their solutions are intuitive, simple to use, cost effective with lab-comparable performance providing correct and early detection of regulated & notifiable plant diseases and pests, key to timely action & control. Designed, developed and manufactured in their UK facilities, instrumentation & test kits meet the highest standards of quality, reliability and accuracy. Operating within the plant health & Agri-tech sectors, OptiGene specialises in providing optimised isothermal LAMP assays validated to EPPO standards while providing solutions for border control testing, post import surveillance, production assurance, crop health and protection & in-the-field plant test use case applications. twitter.com/OptiGeneLtd

PBS International

PBS International is a UK-based company applying fabric technology to pollination control for plant breeders and seed producers for more than 50 years. It has built relationships with commercial seed producers, academic organisations and non-profits in over 35 countries across six continents. pbsinternational.com

Penrhos Bio.

Formed in 2019 jointly by Unilever and Innova Partnerships, Penrhos Bio aims to take their technology to global markets. Their REMORA™ technology aims to be a novel, patented and sustainable platform technology in its efficacy against bacteria, fungi and algae biofilm formation. REMORA™ technology is derived from red seaweed, Delisea Pulchra, and single molecule solution for single and mixed species biofilms. www.linkedin.com/company/penrhos-bio/

Perfectly Fresh

Perfectly Fresh are a privately owned business, using their own growing expertise and technology to grow “perfect plants” for their customers. Currently they grow premium salad leaves for Marks & Spencer Plc in the UK, their R&D programme will enable them to diversify into new market segments and product areas. https://perfectlyfresh.co.uk/  

PES Technologies

PES is developing the first on-farm tool that measures the soil microbiome in order to produce soil health analyses. Its technology analyses microbial activities in soil so that it can provide more soil health indicators from a soil sample than any other tool in the world. Its tool is hand-held, and its  software will provide soil health info straight to smartphones and laptops. The whole process, from sampling to results, will only take 5 minutes. pestechnologies.com

PheroSyn Ltd

PheroSyn develop and supply new types of insect pest pheromones for smarter and more sustainable pest management. Their mission is to scale-up the production of high-value, not currently available insect pheromones and supply them into the agribusiness sector where they will be deployed to protect crops, incorporate a smarter use of pesticides and to help mitigate climate change. www.pherosyn.com/

Phytoform Labs Ltd

Phytoform believes in the need to unlock the power of plant genetics to make agriculture sustainable. Their crop improvement platform uses A.I. and Genome Editing to discover and implement novel traits. Their main focus is to deliver advanced crops in a bid to reduce waste and emissions within the food system. phytoformlabs.com

Phytome Life Sciences

Phytome is an independent research company where scientists, engineers and clinicians collaborate to develop advanced agro-pharmaceutical technologies and plant-derived biotherapeutics. https://phytomelife.com/

Plantlet Culture

Their services include; the setup and running of a micropropagation lab, initiating plants into culture, virus eradication, designing the gel media, and rapid bulking-up of plant numbers to give a commercial advantage. https://www.plantletculture.com/

Plant Raisers Limited

Plant Raisers Ltd, based in East Yorkshire, is the foremost UK plant propagator for the horticultural sector, specialising in protected crops and ornamentals, supplying professional growers throughout the UK and Europe. It operates from 34,000 m2 of glasshouse incorporating modern computer systems controlling every aspect of the nursery environment, and supplies a wide range of young salad, vegetable and bedding plants to the retail and mail order sectors. plantraisers.co.uk

Potter Clarkson LLP

Potter Clarkson is driven by a single but simple goal, to maximise the value of innovation.  They specialise in helping agri-tech companies identify, protect, commercialise, and enforce their ideas anywhere in the world.  Working closely together aim to help you build and leverage the IP strategy that delivers the best possible financial and commercial outcomes for your business and makes you as attractive as possible to potential investors and/or partners. www.potterclarkson.com/

Produce Solutions

Produce Solutions is a small team of potato agronomists, researchers, and triallists who are focused on supporting all aspects of the potato supply chain – from variety development through to crop production, storage and the exacting requirements of the end customer. producesolutions.co.uk


PyrOptik are non-contact metrologist experts measuring in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectrums. Their philosophy is to apply innovative solutions to deliver the most accurate non-contact measurement solutions to allow process optimisation.  They design, build and deploy high accuracy, traceable measurement instrumentation working closely with customers on application specific solutions – specifically hyperspectral imaging in the Agritech sector. This ultimately leads to a sustainable future by customers reducing their carbon impact and optimising resource utilisation. www.pyroptik.com

Russell Bio Solutions

Russell Bio Solutions is a leading manufacturer of natural product-based biofertilizers, biostimulants, and biopesticides in the UK. Their core expertise lies in sustainable biorational plant nutrition and plant protection solutions. www.russellbio.net


SAWIE is a climate Smart Agri digital learning platform. The platform is equipped with tools to monitor weather, climate and environmental data. It guides farmers to navigate their crop health condition for the application of irrigation, fertilizer, and crop protection management solutions and appropriate time of harvest. sawie.net

Silsoe Spray Applications Unit Ltd

Silsoe Spray Application Unit is an experienced, internationally-recognised facility for research, development and bespoke testing, relating to the characterisation of sprays and spray behaviour, with particular expertise in the application of agricultural pesticides. The unit has a team of specialists with established research experience in spray generation, transport and deposition. This includes conducting field experiments, laboratory work, the use of a specialised wind tunnel, and the development of mathematical models. ssau.co.uk

Terravesta Ltd

Terravesta is a world-leading Miscanthus supply chain specialist. We offer long-term Miscanthus biomass contracts and help farmers establish new Miscanthus crops with their unique Miscanthus hybrids. We have an active research team, looking at everything from new hybrids to best crop practices for best yields to new and exciting end-uses for our biomass. We work with hundreds of growers in the UK and have operations worldwide exploring opportunities for Miscanthus. www.terravesta.com

University of Essex

At the University of Essex curiosity prevails and exploring new ways of thinking and pushing boundaries, isn’t just encouraged, it’s expected. It has a powerful global outlook and its impact is growing. It has close to 1,000 active researchers and more than 17,000 students from more than 140 different countries with 100.000+ alumni making a difference across the globe. UoE is committed to two things: excellence in teaching and excellence in research. essex.ac.uk

Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich

The Produce Quality Centre is a collaboration between the Natural Resources Institute (University of Greenwich) and NIAB EMR. It provides expertise in handling and storage of perishable produce and has the knowledge, skills and facilities to provide high quality independent research for the fresh produce industry. Combining NIAB EMR knowledge of fruit production and breeding with NRI’s experience of global food supply chains it has the widest range of expertise and facilities in the UK. nri.org

Royal Holloway University of London, Department of Health Studies

The Department of Health Studies at Royal Holloway University of London is focused on the well-being of people and the environment, engaging with fundamental challenges and building healthy and resilient communities. Its interdisciplinary research develops a robust understanding of the links between healthy environments and healthy people, and the value of good health to national and global economies. royalholloway.ac.uk/health-studies

UK Urban AgriTech

The UK Urban AgriTech collective, or UKUAT, brings together the UK’s key players in modern agricultural technologies. It is a cross-industry group, devoted to promoting urban agtech as a solution for food and environmental crises. It aims to influence policy by sharing information, educating, and communicating practitioner needs as one. It promotes the uptake of agtech in urban and peri-urban settings by uniting to attract funding and customers. ukuat.org

University Centre Reaseheath

We are Reaseheath College/ University Centre Reaseheath. Our crop production facilities comprise of commercial glasshouses, vertical farm, food science labs and the food manufacturing centre. The vertical farm consists of 3 large and 3 small compartments containing temperature, humidity controll with tuneable red, blue and far-red lights. The automated glasshouse comprises of 4 sections with crop and inter-crop lighting, temperature and fertigation control. Our main interests lie within food security, sustainability and carbon neutral farming. https://www.reaseheath.ac.uk/


Venomtech has a collection of approximately 165 species of venomous animal. It fractionates the venom to supply to academics, pharmaceutical, crop protection companies and contract research companies, who in turn use these to identify new compounds for pharmaceutical drugs or for pesticides. Additionally, it uses its knowledge, expertise and equipment to offer screening services to all of the markets. venomtech.co.uk

Vertically Urban

Vertically Urban is a UK-based horticultural tech supplier, manufacturing a range of advanced LED grow lights, sensors and control systems for vertical and glasshouse farming. Incorporating only the best components, alongside highest photon-yielding LEDs available, all their solutions are proudly designed and manufactured in-house by their dedicated team. By collaborating closely with their grower partners, Vertically Urban develops a deep understanding of their partner's needs and can therefore deliver solutions that maximise both investment and crop growth. verticallyurban.com

Warwickshire College University Centre

Warwickshire College University Centre (WCG) operate six colleges across Warwickshire and Worcestershire. Biological Research is carried out at Warwickshire College University Centre in Pershore Agritech Centre. They are the first college group in the UK to be granted Bachelor degree awarding powers alongside Foundation degree awarding powers by the Office for Students. www.wcuc.ac.uk

Wild Bio

Wild Bio is a spinout of Oxford University that is developing novel genetic technologies for sustainably enhancing crop yields. Using solutions that have evolved over millions of years in wild plants, their goal is to boost processes that crops already use to take carbon out of the atmosphere to produce more food and enrich the soil with carbon for long term removal. wildbioscience.com


Wormganix is a commercial wormery focusing on producing peat & chemical free worm castings for retail & commercial horticulture. They are collaborating with Veolia valorising waste streams within operation. Their castings are on large scale commercial trials with the UK's largest compost producers and we are working within the RHS peat free transition project. The aim is to create a peat & chemical free fertiliser from waste streams which can be a viable option for commercial horticulture. www.wormganix.co.uk

Ystumtec Ltd

Ystumtec designs and builds electronic and electro-mechanical devices to novel and custom designs. They have experience ranging from complete robots to small parts of embedded and IoT systems. They work with businesses and research organisations to develop equipment around sensing, monitoring and precision control. Their work includes greenhouse, water quality and crop growth monitoring, animal tracking, gps loggers and novel camera systems. http://www.ystumtec.co.uk/ 

Zayndu Ltd

Zayndu has successfully harnessed the power of nature to create the world first ‘activated air’ seed treatment system. Designed to support sustainability and food security within the agricultural industry, our Aurora cold plasma machines and protocols can be optimised to boost seed health, increase germination and deliver greater yield by up to 20%. https://zayndu.com/


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