The TRUTH Project: Transforming the future of soil health analysis with a farmer-led platform

The Thriving Roots Underpinning Total Soil Health (TRUTH) project funded through Defra’s Farming Innovation Programme and delivered by Innovate UK is a £1M innovative three-year research initiative set to redefine our understanding of soil and root health.

Spearheaded by BOFIN, the project’s goal is to create an innovative farmer-led platform designed to measure and analyse soil/root interactions, using cutting edge scientific research from University of Nottingham and The John Innes Centre and a groundbreaking sensor technology from PES Technologies capable of detecting a soil’s biological signature. CHAP (one of the three Agri-Tech Centres) also joins the consortium to manage the project and support engagement activities.  


Central to the TRUTH project is the Soil Circle, a community-driven initiative encouraging farmers to share insights and experiences. Open to all and free of charge, the Soil Circle invites farmers to become part of a knowledge-sharing network. 


The project aims to introduce two major technological advancements to the agricultural sector. Firstly, it will expand the microbial sensing capabilities of PES’ sensor allowing the measurement of microbial diversity and the fungal-to-bacterial ratio directly in the field. Secondly, the comprehensive farmer-led platform that features on-farm soil/root health testing tools, which will be validated throughout the project. This platform will empower ‘Root Rangers’—farmers trained in the use of these tools—to apply soil science management (SSM) practices more effectively and to assess new genetic developments and bioproducts. 


Together, these innovations are expected to significantly enhance sustainable farming practices by providing actionable insights into soil and root health. 


For more information, contact CHAP at enquiries@chap-solutions.co.uk or visit www.chap-solutions.co.uk