Webinar will explore tools to support regen ag

Using the latest innovative tools and machinery to help make the principles of regenerative agriculture an on-farm reality is the theme of CHAP’s latest free webinar.

The online event, taking place on December 2, will explore how tools such as System Cameleon, can be used to help overcome the day-to-day challenges experienced through regen ag.

Following a scene-setting introduction from Professor Jane Rickson, Professor of Soil Erosion and Conservation at Cranfield University, Newcastle University’s Farms Director, James Standen, will present some of the obstacles they have had to overcome in implementing a regen ag-inspired system.

Speaking of the event, James said: “The vast range of soil types, weather and topography experienced across the UK, means successfully integrating regen ag into existing farming systems can incur a range of challenges. This has been no different for us here at Newcastle University.

“But thanks to the flexibility of agri-tech innovation, solutions are out there to help. We look forward to sharing our practical learnings during the webinar.”

Leigh Nobes, Farm Manager at MacGregor Farming Partnership will discuss the farm’s experience of the System Cameleon drill. More than just a seed drill, the machine can work between crop rows after emergence to support new field applications such as inter-row fertilisation.

The webinar will explore how the system can be adapted to suit bespoke farming systems and maximise return on investment.

To conclude the presentations, Reader in Precision Agronomy At Newcastle University, Dr David George, will introduce the new tools and machinery that have recently arrived at the university through its partnership with CHAP. This includes a crimper roller, CombCut weeder and Avacast seeder.

Dr George said: “Whether you’re already an advocate of regenerative agriculture, or simply like to stay informed of the latest advancements in farm technology, we hope this webinar will give you valuable insight.”

Innovative tools to overcome the challenges of regen ag (online)
Thursday December 2, 1pm

To book a place, visit https://chap-solutions.co.uk/event/chap-webinar-innovative-tools-to-overcome-the-challenges-of-regen-ag-online/

CHAP’s Field Scale Precision Equipment at Newcastle University and at Stockbridge Technology Centre is playing an important part in the work to maintain and protect soils. For more information, read our overview , or view our case study on Using Roots to Bioengineer Soils. To find out more about Prof Rickson, take a look at our Conversation piece.

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