SHAKE Climate Change Programme deadline approaching

As reported earlier this year, the 2021 SHAKE Climate Change programme is on the hunt for entrepreneurs with bold ideas to help farmers, agricultural production and the food chain to combat climate change. If you are planning to apply, be warned that time is running out.

The programme is a collaboration between CHAP partners Rothamsted Research, which leads the initiative, and Cranfield University, along with the University of Hertfordshire and University College London. SHAKE Climate Change programme, founded in 2019 and funded by The Société Générale Foundation, helps start-ups with science or tech-based ideas to develop their businesses.

SHAKE aims to close the gap in business development between early start-up stage and investable businesses through provision of expert advice from a high-profile consortium of universities and its associated network of mentors.

Selected applicants will be part of SHAKE Climate Change for two years. The programme is phase-based with selections being made at the end of each stage. During all phases, the programme supports entrepreneurs to build their businesses.

Almost every step in the chain associated with agriculture impacts on climate – from how food is grown or reared, to the way it is harvested, transported, stored and distributed. In addition, farmers themselves face increasing pressure to deliver enough food sustainably, while working in increasingly unstable climates.

Businesses on the programme so far include: CHAP member Climate Edge, which works with agricultural service providers to make their offerings accessible to thousands of smallholder farmers; Economad, an agricultural waste reduction and sustainable resource management company;  Glaia which aims to enhance agricultural productivity and reduce pressure on natural resources by optimising the performance of plants using a revolutionary technology; and Pherosyn – a company committed to reducing the use of pesticides in agriculture through pheromone-based integrated pest management strategies.

The Rothamsted Research Campus is no stranger to start-up businesses. Rothamsted Enterprises, the company set up to establish the site as the world-leading centre for agri-tech research and innovation, is a member of the UK Science Park Association. CHAP’s Digital Phenotyping Lab, a cutting-edge, multifaceted service facility serving the agri-tech community is based at the site.

The deadline for entries to this year’s SHAKE Climate Change programme is midnight on 3rd May, so time is running out. UK-registered start-ups using science or tech-based ideas in the area of agriculture and food production to combat climate change are encouraged to apply. Successful applicants will be invited to participate in the first phase of the programme. They will receive £140,000, along with support and mentoring for two years.

For more details and information on how to apply, go to SHAKE before 3rd May.

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