Open Farm Sunday hopes to showcase British agriculture

Now that we are allowed out and about the British farming industry’s annual open day, on 27th June will provide a welcome change of scene for many people around the country.

Farmers are invited to get involved in LEAF Open Farm Sunday (LOFS) by hosting a farm walk for members of the public.  The day is an opportunity to share farming stories and showcase the skills, technology and passion that goes into producing nutritious food and managing the countryside.

If you are interested in getting involved, LEAF’s farmer Information Pack is full of useful information. Simply register your LOFS event here to receive LEAF’s free resources, including the LEAF Speak out toolkit designed to help boost confidence when speaking to members of the public about your farm.

LEAF’s Top tips include, keeping things simple:  the  public want to see a working farm, not a full-blown country show! It is important to still adhere to COVID safety guidelines, so a simple socially distanced farm walk and talk will have a huge positive impact. People are interested in other people and their stories. Remember that while the everyday aspects of farm life are nothing out of the ordinary for those working in the industry, for people who work in offices, shops, or from home, the realities of farming life can be fascinating: there is no need to try to turn your workplace into an ‘attraction’.

No matter how large the farm or how small the small holding, you can play your part in showcasing British farming. And don’t forget to share your day on your social media using #LOFS21.

If you have any questions about CHAP, our Membership Scheme, or are interested in working with us on a specific project, then please send us an email using the enquiries form at the bottom of our homepage.