CHAP member announces partnership with Brazilian AI firm

Small Robot Company (SRC) has announced an agreement to co-develop swarms of fourth generation autonomous aerial and terrestrial robots with a leading Brazilian artificial intelligence company.

Brazil’s SpaceTime Labs and CHAP member Small Robot Company will co-develop fleets of robots with the aim of transforming Latin American agriculture.

The partnership will focus on co-developing an on the ground, end-to-end “per plant” planting, weeds, pests and disease management and nutrition management Farming as a Service (FaaS) value proposition for all key commercial crops in Latin America. They will work with leading Brazilian and Argentinian farmers to prototype, test and scale Per Plant Farming – maximising yields whilst reducing the impact on the environment.

“The opportunity is immense. Latin America is ahead of the curve for agri-tech innovation. Our strategic partnership with SpaceTime Labs means that we can now enter this market with confidence. Now is the time for us to work together to create a more sustainable farming model in Latin America, starting with Brazil and Argentina,” said Sam Watson-Jones, Small Robot Company co-founder.

The UK International Trade Secretary Liz Truss said: “The UK is a world leader in technology and is at the forefront of the agri-tech industry… it’s fantastic to see British businesses like the Small Robot Company reach international …. This is just one great example of the global trading opportunities out there for the UK agri-tech industry.”

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