Current Members

AEH Innovative Hydrogel

AEH Innovative Hydrogel (“AEH”) is an early stage company with a mission to decarbonize agriculture. Our hydrogel product will address the environmental concerns affecting indoor farming and  enable indoor growers  to produce fresh vegetables/crops in a sustainable way and at a lower cost.

Arcis Bio

Arcis Biotechnology have a novel, patented technology that extracts and protects nucleic acids from a number of sample types in as little as three minutes. Our technology requires no specialised equipment and enables stable transport of samples without cold storage.

WJ Bell & Co

WJ Bell & Co is a family farming partnership in North Yorkshire. Some of the land has been farmed by previous generations for over 100 years. Today the operation is all arable growing wheat, barley, rape, and maize, with potato and carrot land rented out. This on 265 hectares. Most of the land is sandy, and therefore suitable for carrots and potatoes, but cereals are prone to being affected by drought. Cultivation practices have therefore moved to minimum cultivations to try to build up organic matter in the soils. Cover crops have also been added to the rotation. The business is interested in improving soil health and improving the environmental impact of growing crops.

Berry Gardens

Founded more than 40 years ago, Berry Gardens is the UK’s leading berry and stone fruit production and marketing group. It is a cooperative wholly owned by UK growers.

Bioelements Limited

Bioelements Limited (Trading as Bioelements Agro) is a bio-tech business focused on the intelligent use of microbial based biostimulants in commercial agriculture. These products are aimed at a broad spectrum of crops, from cereals and salads to root vegetables and trees and depending on the product will definitely offer an increase in yield, increase in disease and pest resistance or a combination of the three with everything starting from the concept of improved soil health and fertility. That’s not to say they are only soil treatments, it simply means this is where we start but we can help at different stages of plant or crop development.

N Blacker & Son

N Blacker & Son is a modern family farm and agricultural contracting business based at York.  It grows combinable crops using modern equipment and precision farming techniques, carries out farm trials and analyses everything from soil health right through to yield maps. It aims to optimise performance at field and farm level by increasing production using less inputs.

City Farm Systems

Award winning CloudGro® technology from City Farm Systems enables automated greenhouses to be installed on building rooftops.  Simply swapping food miles for high energy and building costs prevents commercial sustainability for urban farming.  In contrast CFS makes extensive use of data and AI to create crop plans for a wider range of produce CloudGrown® to order at the point of need avoiding final mile distribution costs. This significantly reduces Smart City carbon and plastic dependency.


CropSafe lets farmers manage their crops on a mobile app. It provides simplified insights using satellite data and soil analysis to help you make more informed decisions on the farm. Contact them directly at


Cultinova is an IT and engineering consultancy, specialised in customised sensing, control and data solutions for sustainable agriculture and resilient cities. Working together with our clients, we design, deliver and implement systems and solutions, which improve the efficiency and sustainability of agriculture and urban green infrastructure. It is our mission to leverage sensing and internet of things technologies to drive positive impact for a healthier and more sustainable future for us and our planet.

Delta-T Devices

For almost 50 years Delta-T Devices has specialised in the design and manufacture of instrumentation for environmental and crop science applications. Our precision sensors and innovative dataloggers can assist in monitoring and controlling growing conditions in the field, greenhouse and growth chamber. Proven plant science technologies can also be used to image and measure leaf disease and leaf morphology; for crop canopy assessment (LAI); and the determination of drought response (stomatal conductance).

Digital Farming Limited

Digital Farming delivers high nutrition and wellness bioscience through total controlled environment production of advanced crop production based on Controlled Environment Agriculture (vertical farming) aimed at raising the nutrition levels of our food and drink products. Its mission it to create vertically integrated, closed loop, environmentally sustainable and highly profitable, controlled environment agriculture (CEA) solutions at scale for sustainable food production and health and well-being products. Its 20,000m2 facility in South Wales, the Mother Farm, is dedicated to growing high nutritional living supplements and hemp cultivation for wellness products.


Sustainable plant health and nutrition Without Chlorophyll plants are unable to photosynthesise. Low chlorophyll levels limit crop vigour, health, quality and yield. This also creates a poor immune system and inhibits mineral transport and assimilation, and the production of nutrients, vitamins, proteins and hormones. Dyacare has created a fast-visual response biostimulant combining preserved vitamins and proteins from freshly squeezed and mechanically processed Ascophyllum nodosum juice, fortified with the essential components for chlorophyll production.

ECH Engineering

ECH Engineering is a Bristol based SME specialising in developing appropriate technologies. Recent large projects include the HVAC system for the CHAPS vertical farm at STC and a turnkey refrigeration research centre (c/w environmental chambers, data acquisition and control systems all designed and built as bespoke systems by ECH). It offers grow rooms, fixed and variable spectrum horticultural lighting, environmental monitoring systems, consultancy, and design services.

Eden Search & Select

Eden Search & Select is the only specialist executive search consultancy in the UK focused solely across the global food and drink supply chain. The team works with some of the biggest names in agribusiness, animal health, food and drink, fresh produce and renewable energy - helping them shape the organisational structure and executive development of their companies, and identify board-level and senior management candidates, who can deliver sustained, profitable growth.

Enviresearch Ltd

Enviresearch provides a regulatory and risk assessment service for the global chemical industry. Combining technical excellence with a forward-thinking approach, Enviresearch has over 20 years’ experience, with experts from a range of backgrounds: agronomy, chemistry, environmental fate, ecology, endocrine disruption, risk assessment and regulatory affairs. It engages with academic research and invests in new ideas to ensure that it remains at the cutting edge of science. The customers deserve nothing less.

Eurofins Agroscience Services

With more than 30 years’ experience in the crop protection industry, Eurofins Agroscience Services conducts field and laboratory studies to determine the safety and efficacy of new agrochemicals. Its technical activities include field studies, worker exposure studies, ecotoxicology, analytical services, physico-chemical property testing, environmental fate laboratory and field studies. This service offering is continuously developed by knowledge transfer initiatives between the group’s various centres of expertise across the globe. Part of the Eurofins Scientific Group of companies, Eurofins Agroscience Services aims to be the number one contract research organisation of its kind. Since formation, Eurofins Agroscience Services has succeeded in acquiring some of the agrochemical industry’s most highly regarded CRO’s and laboratories, creating a unique portfolio of expertise that provides analytical, regulatory and field support to plant breeders, agrochemical, biopesticide, biocide and fine chemical manufacturers. It aims to provide the industry with all the technical support needed to screen and develop, register and steward new and existing products around the world.

Farm Urban

Farm Urban links leading scientific research with local food production. By taking science fresh from the lab and implementing it on farms in the heart of urban communities, we are changing both how we do science and how we farm our food. We are developing and testing the most efficient ways to grow food in urban environments, focussing primarily on hydroponics and aquaponics. Our intention is to make available the systems we use and the knowledge we have acquired to others who wish to introduce urban farms into their communities.


Fotenix is an agricultural diagnostics company, looking to provide crop producers with deterministic sensing. Its technology uses deployed colours of light, combined with embedded artificial intelligence to detect plant status, such as nutrients or disease, and informs application sprayers or phenotyping scores based on real-time results. A FOTENIX enabled system - the next level of precision farming - and a cloud platform, enable agronomic insights based on the inputs used.

Funghi Alert

FungiAlert is passionate about increasing agricultural productivity and sustainable farming. FungiAlert’s cutting-edge technology, the SporSenz sensor, makes soil-health analysis affordable and accessible to all growers. The SporSenZ is simply inserted into the soil and samples the dominant microorganisms that are actively growing in the soil, facilitating a unique soil-health screen. FungiAlert’s microbial analysis is game changing, as it provides a unique understanding of the soil microbial populations and facilitates the discovery of microbial biocontrol agents.

GE Current, a Daintree Company

GE Current, a Daintree Company, has spent years perfecting its lighting technology and researching the specific needs of the horticulture industry. The result? A full range of innovative Arize™ horticulture LED lighting products designed to provide the optimal light spectrums to help achieve high-quality yields with shorter growth cycles. Arize LED lighting provides longer life, energy savings and lower maintenance compared to traditional light sources. The company continues researching and innovating to supply the lighting needs of the industry.

GroundData Limited

GroundData monitors conditions in fields to help growers make better decisions.  It provides near real-time data every 15 minutes on  light (solar radiation), air temperature, humidity, rainfall, soil temperature and moisture levels, wind speed and direction, along with five photos a day. Growers and their advisers can view the state of a crop without travelling, via a web-based dashboard, which also provides data exports or links to downstream farm management and agronomy systems via GroundData’s API.

Grow Bristol CIC

Grow Bristol is a UK pioneer in commercial vertical farming within the urban space. Operating a self-designed container farm since 2015, it sold microgreens into the local market and promoted the benefits of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) to a new audience. Original co-founder Dermot O’Regan is now joined by Oscar Davidson (formerly of GrowUp Urban Farms) in developing new models for sustainable urban food production and distribution, alongside advising others making their first steps in the burgeoning CEA industry.

Hummingbird Technologies

Hummingbird Technologies is an Artificial Intelligence business that provides advanced crop analytics to its customers by using proprietary machine learning algorithms applied to remotely sensed imagery from satellites, planes and drones. The company’s expertise allows customers to increase their yields, optimise chemical inputs, farm more sustainably and make earlier, more informed decisions. By pushing the boundaries of science and technology, Hummingbird Technologies’ mission is to improve the efficiency of global crop production, and to feed the world’s growing population sustainably.

LettUs Grow

LettUs Grow designs efficient aeroponic irrigation and farm management systems for indoor farms. It has tackled some of the major issues that have been preventing aeroponics being operated at scale. Its systems are nozzle-free, wipe-clean and completely automatable providing the simplicity of hydroponics but with all the benefits of aeroponics! All data gets uploaded to the Ostara software platform, which reduces unnecessary labour and optimises conditions for each individual plant species within the farm.  

Micromix Plant Health Ltd * Part of the Olmix group

Olmix conceives biosolutions using its cutting-edge know-how in promoting the bioactive properties of algae and micronutrients. These aim at developing soil fertility and reinforcing soil resilience, making fertilisers more efficient, strengthening crop resistance to stress, helping to reduce the use of plant protection products, and encouraging the expression of the quantitative and qualitative potential of cultivated plants.


McCain is the UK’s number one brand of frozen potato products. The company has five manufacturing facilities across England and a seed potato business in Scotland.  Passionate about potatoes, McCain is the UK’s largest purchaser of British Potatoes and works with a network of over 250 growers.

PES Technologies

PES is developing the first on-farm tool that measures the soil microbiome in order to produce soil health analyses. Our technology analyses microbial activities in soil so that it can provide more soil health indictors from a soil sample than any other tool in the world. Our tool is hand-held, and our software will provide soil health info straight to smartphones and laptops. The whole process, from sampling to results, will only take 5 minutes.

Phytoform Labs Ltd

Phytoform Labs Ltd is a next generation crop breeding platform tackling unsustainable agriculture and improving the nutrition of the crops we eat. We do this by discovering new and improved crop traits using data science and building them into a wide range of crops using our genome editing technology.

Plant Raisers Limited

Plant Raisers Ltd, based in East Yorkshire, is the foremost UK plant propagator for the horticultural sector, specialising in protected crops and ornamentals, supplying professional growers throughout the UK and Europe. It operates from 34,000 m2 of glasshouse incorporating modern computer systems controlling every aspect of the nursery environment, and supplies a wide range of young salad, vegetable and bedding plants to the retail and mail order sectors.

S&S Agricultural Liming Limited

S&S Agricultural Liming Limited is aware that the pH of soils is an important key limiting factor in farming systems (grassland and arable) that has underlying influences on nutrient availability. As a business it offers a variety of bulk liming products to suit crop needs. It has spreader drivers strategically placed across the counties where it operates, which are equipped with GPS Variable Rate for lime application. This coincides with its soil testing business, Soil pHirst, which has a team of specialised agricultural soil testers covering Staffordshire, Cheshire and The Wirral, Derbyshire, North Shropshire, Leicestershire, South Lancashire and North Wales. It offers a range of soil testing packages to meet the needs of farmers. Typically, these involve variable rate pH mapping with a laboratory analysis for each field (pH, P, K, Mg, SNS Index and Soil Type) as a standard package and can broaden this into GPS pH, P, K and Mg mapping on a hectare grid system. It also offers more in-depth laboratory analysis looking at trace elements.  

Small Robot Company

Small Robot Company is reimagining farming with robotics and artificial intelligence. Its vision is to make food production sustainable. It’s farmbots Tom, Dick and Harry will plant, feed and weed arable crops autonomously, with minimal waste. This will enable farmers to be more efficient, more precise and more productive, and is also kinder to soil and the environment.

Sustainable AG Solutions

Sustainable Ag Solutions is a Yorkshire-based independent agronomy business looking after approximately 40 farms in the East and North. In addition to this the business has diversified and is now involved in a range of farming activities in Tanzania and on the island of Zanzibar.

TerraPrima Group

The TerraPrima Group has developed the next generation of field devices – called Ladybirds - that meet the demands of today’s farmers, agronomists, supply chain stakeholders and enables accurate predictions about food production and farm operations, remotely and autonomously. Our devices are easily installed next to the plants and collect environmental and soil data in real-time. The TerraPrima cloud correlates data against other information sources before ingesting into our predictive computational models. These generate real-time alerts and recommendations for the farmer and agronomist, delivered through our dashboard (desktop & mobile), SMS or E-mail.  

Unconventional Connections Ltd

Unconventional Connections provides match-making and facilitation to enable business and collaboration between British and Chinese organisations in the food and agriculture sectors. In Yunnan province, the agricultural output value could reach 480 billion yuan by 2020. Unconventional Connections works with the Yunnan provincial Government and a number of agricultural and horticultural clients in Yunnan to increase sustainable productivity and reduce costs.

Unium Bioscience Ltd

Unium Bioscience, a biostimulants company based in East Yorkshire, has a mission to support growers to maximise crop production with innovative, sustainable and affordable solutions. Its scientific and academic network links are world-class, confirming its place at the forefront of plant physiology research and development. The company says its pioneering technologies go through a rigorous product development process, to ensure its science translates to high-value farm impacts: increased yields, lower input costs, and a positive impact on the environment with reduced fertiliser use and aiding carbon capture.

Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich

The Produce Quality Centre is a collaboration between the Natural Resources Institute (University of Greenwich) and NIAB EMR. It provides expertise in handling and storage of perishable produce and has the knowledge, skills and facilities to provide high quality independent research for the fresh produce industry. Combining NIAB EMR knowledge of fruit production and breeding with NRI’s experience of global food supply chains it has the widest range of expertise and facilities in the UK.

University of Plymouth

The University of Plymouth has an established reputation both nationally and internationally as a leader in teaching and research for sustainability. Its Sustainable Earth Institute promotes a new way of thinking about the future of the world. It has a strong heritage in agri-tech, and its researchers collaborate with companies across the UK to investigate new technologies to address the challenges facing the agricultural sector.


Vitacress is a fresh produce company, specialising in salads and herbs, supplying both own label and branded products to supermarkets and food service across Europe. It is are a truly integrated fresh produce company with farms in the south of the UK, southern Spain and Portugal, and processing facilities in both the UK and Portugal. This end-to-end capability enables Vitacress to sustainably deliver the freshest, tastiest, healthiest and most exciting produce throughout the year.


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