CHAP announces sustainable resilience workshops

CHAP is hosting a series of dynamic online sustainable resilience workshops in collaboration with 100%Open.

The invitation-only workshops for partners and members will follow on from the exciting collaboration open day held in September 2019. The programme has been designed to support our partners and members to bring their knowledge and expertise together with CHAP’s extensive capabilities and network to explore the theme of sustainable resilience.

The UK farming and agriculture sectors face a wide-ranging set of challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic and leaving the European Union, alongside the issues of climatic and environmental change. CHAP is running this innovation programme to encourage its network to form collaborative conversations and build resilience in the face of such challenges, generating exciting innovation concepts for a sustainable future.

Attendees will be invited to participate in a collaborative exploration of the most exciting opportunities for the UK Agri-Tech sector, to build innovation capacity and produce innovative, viable industry-led projects. Invited participants will include senior representatives from CHAP partners and members, both commercial and academic.

In partnership with open innovation company 100%Open, this programme will help:

  • Scope industry opportunities and bottlenecks: What challenges do we currently face, what obstacles will we face in the future?
  • Build a collective network and strengthen innovation capacity: How can we work together efficiently to ensure productivity and success?
  • Produce collaborative R&D project concepts for funding and market realisation: Together we will create viable research and technology concepts to be taken forward for potential funding opportunities.

Attendees will be encouraged to collaboratively work as teams during the workshops, and to develop ideas and concepts to be presented in the final workshop.

These three half-day events over December and January are exclusive for CHAP’s partners and members.

If you have any questions about becoming a member of CHAP, or would like to reach out to the CHAP team to discuss other project opportunities, please email us at enquiries@chap-solutions.co.uk


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