Bridging the Gap campaign aims to drive the agri-tech of tomorrow

Driving the agri-tech of tomorrow by using innovation to bring new thinking to global food chain issues is the focus of the latest campaign from CHAP: Bridging the Gap Between Today and Tomorrow.

The aim is to provide insight into the agricultural practices and systems of the future, focusing on opportunities such as alternative protein sources, and the use of optimised controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

This is CHAP’s third campaign, with previous work having championed important sector issues such as improving the perception of biopesticides, and how regenerative agriculture can contribute to sustainability goals.

Commercial Director for CHAP, Linsey Cresswell, said: “A combination of the rising cost of living and increasing pressure to address the net zero target, means we find ourselves both individually, and as a sector, in challenging times.

“Agriculture is being asked to find new ways of being efficient, improving our resourcefulness while being ever-mindful of our impact on the environment. But herein lie many opportunities.

“Through our latest campaign, Bridging the Gap Between Today and Tomorrow, CHAP wants to explore these opportunities, to understand how speeding up the adoption of the agriculture of tomorrow can have a tangible impact on the agriculture of today.

“This is possible thanks to creative advancements in the world of agri-tech, whether that be novel solutions in the world of CEA, alternative protein sources or the next generation of biopesticides.

“CHAP is here to play a role in the understanding and adoption of these systems, mitigating associated fear and misinterpretation through effective knowledge transfer and evidence.”

Launched this week, Bridging the Gap Between Today and Tomorrow draws on knowledge and insight from across the organisation. This includes sharing a report based on the latest business case from CHAP’s New Innovations team, which explores the ‘Energy, food, water nexus’ solution.

Updates on projects such as Gelponics, RIPEHouse and cabbage stem flea beetle biopesticide will be shared through news articles, blogs and videos.

The team will also be taking the campaign on tour to New Scientist Live in Manchester, where visitors can learn about vertical farming through an interactive demonstration unit. In addition, plans are taking place for a series of events related to alternative protein sources.

Strategic Marketing Manager, Janine Heath, said: “It’s important for CHAP to demonstrate and highlight the valuable role that agri-tech can play in ensuring a viable future for our industry. Our campaigns are a means of achieving this by striving to communicate with both industry stakeholders, and the wider public.

“Some topics, such as vertical farming and the consumption of plant-based proteins, may be viewed as emotively difficult subjects for many. This means it’s even more important for CHAP to assist in their successful integration within existing farming methods, in a manner that understands grower needs and is sympathetic.

“We’re lucky to have such a wide range of forward-thinking innovators and SMEs in our network, so are excited to showcase what can be possible for agriculture. The future really isn’t that far away from being reality.”


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