Webinar outlines benefits of cover crops

CHAP partner ADAS is running a webinar on cover crops in the first week of October.

The webinar will examine the benefits of using cover crops in arable rotations for soil health. The benefits include increased retention of both nutrients and water, improved soil structure and quality, reduced risk of erosion and surface run-off and better management of weeds and soil-borne pests.

In order to achieve these benefits, farmers need to understand what different cover-crop species can achieve and how to manage them on different soil types and rotations.

The webinar will be held on 6th October and is free to attend. Delegates will hear from ADAS’ Principal Soil Scientist Dr Anne Bhogal, and Soil Scientist  Dr Kate Smith, about their recent work on crop-cover management, including over-winter nitrate leaching losses and impacts on cash crop yields and quality. Delegates will also get practical guidance on cover crop choice, management and potential benefits.

For more details and to book a place go to ADAS Soil.

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