Use your lunchtime to Zoom into Soil

The British Society of Soil Science (BSSS) is hosting a lunchtime webinar on erosion as part of its ‘Zoom into Soil’ series.

CHAP is delighted to say that the September 2nd event, the second of a continuing series will feature two of CHAP’s favourite experts: Professor Jane Rickson who works with us at the CHAP Phenotyping and Soil Health Facility at Cranfield University, and Cobrey Farms asparagus farmer and erstwhile CHAP chairman John Chinn.

Professor Rickson and Mr Chinn will discuss erosion from both an academic and practical perspective. They will set out the challenges posed by erosion, discuss proposed solutions and outline the potential long-term implications of failing to tackle soil erosion.

In her presentation, Professor Rickson will describe the main processes of soil erosion and the different types of erosion operating in the UK. She will present the evidence on the rates of soil loss and whether these are sustainable, especially in the light of extreme weather events and climate change. She will be set to quantify the impacts of soil erosion in monetary terms, as this justifies the costs of soil conservation (soil erosion control) policy and practices.

Farmer John will outline his first-hand experience with gulley erosion, the impact this had on his crop, the relationship with his customers and the Environment Agency as a result. John will set out how he has worked with Cranfield University to secure his farms from the long-term challenges associated with erosion, while maximising crop yields and accruing some thoughts on the meaning of soil health.

Zoom into Soil: Erosion is free to attend and will take place on Wednesday 2nd September from 12 noon to 1pm. To book your place visit Go To Webinar.

The previous webinar, introduced by Cranfield University’s Professor Wilfred Otten, looked at Nutrient Efficiency, with contributions from farmer Richard Reeves and Rothamsted Research senior research scientist Dr Martin Blackwell. This is now available to view on YouTube. BSSS will host a future webinar on 7 October, and further monthly sessions are planned.

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