UK Agri-Tech Centres appoint Cross-Centre Communications Manager

The UK Agri-Tech Centres are pleased to announce the appointment of Jane Smernicki to the newly created post of cross-Centre communications manager.

This is a strategically important post for the family of Centres – Agri-EPI Centre, Agrimetrics, CHAP and CIEL – focused on increasing their collective engagement with stakeholders and raising the profile of their impact in supporting sustainable food production.

Fraser Black, Chief Executive of CHAP said: “The UK Agri-Tech Centres have always worked together closely to engage with organisations and businesses across policy, academia, the engineering and technology sectors and the agri-food supply chain. Joint activities such as our very well attended food resilience conference at the end of last year have enhanced our collective profile and highlighted our impact as enablers of agri-food innovation.

“This new post signifies the increasing importance of our collective engagement with key stakeholders in support of resilient and sustainable food systems in the UK and globally. It is particularly relevant during this time of opportunity for food production and the related challenges of Net Zero and the recovery of landscape and nature.”

Jane Smernicki will take up the post from 1st April. She brings to the role more than 20 years of experience of journalism and communications in a variety of sectors. She has spent a decade working in agri-food, having been Head of Communications with Scotland’s Rural College before joining Agri-EPI Centre in 2018.

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