Soft fruit showcase Fruit for the Future is back…

After last year’s virtual stint, Fruit for the Future – one of the James Hutton Institute’s most prestigious and long-running industry events – returned to its usual format of in-person fruit walks at the Invergowrie site and CHAP Marketing Manager, Darren Hassall was there in person on 15th July. The annual showcase of soft fruit research brought together stakeholders from across the sector, specifically aimed at farmers, agronomists, representatives of the food and drink industries and researchers.

The multifaceted event included scientific presentations, outdoor demonstrations and walk-throughs of experimental plots, including a walk-by of CHAP’s IHCEA capability (Innovation Hub for Controlled Environment Agriculture) staffed by CHAP Research Associate, Kaisa Kantola and team members from CHAP partner Liberty Produce.

Darren teamed up with CHAP Research Assistant, Ross McKellar on the CHAP stand and had some interesting conversations with a variety of attendees, including Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland, Thomas Thomson and SASA .

The event was presented by the CHAP partner, James Hutton Institute in conjunction with the Scottish Society for Crop Research and included a progress update from Nikki Jennings on the Raspberry Breeding Consortium’s (RBC) raspberry breeding programme. This was followed by Alison Karley who focused on the environmental triggers of fruit drop in cherry crops.

Susan McCallum was up next, talking about the exciting, upcoming plans from the blueberry breeding programme and Louise Gamble finished proceedings by giving attendees an update on the introduction of a honeyberry (said to taste like a cross between raspberry and blueberry) crop to Scotland. A lively event was rounded off with a Covid-safe raspberry taste-testing session at the back at the Cow Shed.

It was certainly great to be back at a face-to-face event and the excellent attendance and atmosphere on the day demonstrated that the industry is very much feeling the same way.

Read about the partnership between CHAP and Liberty Produce here.

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