Register for EI Innovate 2020

The Earlham Institute is hosting EI Innovate 2020: From Identification to Intervention in November.

The online event will explore opportunities for collaboration and innovation with external organisations.

It will run over three days from 17th to 19th November, covering the following areas:

Day 1 Disease identification and monitoring, how genomics and bioinformatics are used for disease identification and monitoring, from COVID-19, to AMR to agricultural pathogens.

Day 2 Finding a needle in a haystack, identifying specific targets in health and disease with long read RNA and single cell sequencing.

Day 3 Accelerating plant breeding with next generation genetics, genomics and epigenetics.

The organisers will share examples of existing collaborations and use it as a chance to explore new opportunities. There will also be a chance for participants to promote their work with lightning pitches, and to participate in 1-to-1 meetings to network further.

The event will be of interest to many in the agri-tech sector, including those involved in plant breeding and plant biotech, repositories of biological materials, funders of life science innovation and adjacent technologies and developers of instrumentation, tools, products and services.

EI Innovate 2020 costs £10 to attend for one, two or three days, and sessions will run from 9.30am to 5.30pm each day, via Zoom and Meeting Mojo. The deadline for registration is 8th November. There will also be a chance for participants to promote their work with lightning pitches.

For more details and to register go to EI Innovate.

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