Look to the future of fresh produce

Fresh produce is not something we can take for granted: the stripped-bare supermarket shelves widely seen at the start of the Coronavirus crisis taught us that much.

There is plenty of interest (and investment) in urban agritech but, at the moment, vertical farms are very limited in scope. COVID-19 has brought to the fore the need for food security and a green recovery, and urban agritech can play its part in enabling this. The technology needs to be scaled up in order to make farms more commercially viable.

To that end, Agri-TechE is running an event, CEA Lite, with a range of experts from differing specialities to look at the current landscape and consider developments that could secure urban farming as a viable commercial proposition that will also meet increasing consumer demand for locally grown fresh produce that is not only affordable but also sustainable.

Speakers on the day will include Jock Richardson of hydroponics firm Growpura , Kiryon Skippen of investment / advisory company  Capital Agri International, David Farquar, of vertical farm innovators Intelligent Growth Solutions and Andy Jones of hydroponic deep-water culture technology specialists Phytoponics.

Dr Belinda Clarke, Director of Agri-TechE, says new models of food production are gaining traction. “Year-round intensive cropping of high value crops becomes economically viable if the technology can scale.”

The online event will run from 3-5pm on 10th September 2020. To book go to  CEALite.


For more information on Vertical farming, read our in-depth look at the sector The scope for Controlled Environment Agriculture in clean, green growth, written by Innovation Network Lead Dr Harry Langford.

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