Join our webinar to find out about the Phenotyping and Soil Health Facility

CHAP is partnering with Cranfield University and Agri-EPI to co-host a lunchtime webinar showcasing the services provided by our Phenotyping and Soil Health Facility.

Understanding the interaction of crops and the environment in crop-based agriculture is a crucial first step to improving crop development, productivity, quality and resilience to changing climates. Phenotyping technologies and data analytics provide opportunities to detect, monitor and understand how crop performance is affected by environmental factors such as water availability, nutrients, disease pressure and soil types.

Soils are a key agricultural resource, but we are facing a crisis of increased degradation of health and quality. It is essential to broaden our understanding of our soils and related ecosystems so that we can use and manage them in a productive and sustainable way. Understanding how soil works – and the impact agricultural practices have on soil structure, health and mass – helps to bridge the gap between fundamental science and practical know-how and is a challenge for many soil science researchers. The Phenotyping and Soil Health Facility is designed to meet this need.

Cranfield University’s Dr Wilfred Otten, Professor of Soil Biophysics and Dr Toby Waine, Senior Lecturer in Applied Remote Sensing will provide an overview of this world-leading facility including case studies that demonstrate how the complex interdependencies between water, soil, tillage and crops can be simulated, not just within seasons but throughout the rotational cycle, at representative spatial and temporal scales. From tillage, through drilling, plant establishment and crop development, to harvest and post-harvest.

Representatives from CHAP and Agri-EPI will also be on hand to answer questions and facilitate discussion with regards to other soil health issues currently impacting growers.

To register for this free event, from 12 noon to 1pm on Wednesday 3rd February, go to Eventbrite.

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