Hummingbird Technologies flies high at British Farming Awards

CHAP member Hummingbird Technologies was crowned as the Gold Winner of the British Farming Awards 2019 at an event in Birmingham’s National Conference Centre, hosted by Vernon Kay, on October 17th.

Hummingbird Technologies uses drone and satellite technology, along with proprietary algorithms to provide farmers and agronomists with a suite of maps to help them make informed farm management decisions. The company employs its expertise in Artificial Intelligence to combine advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques, delivering insights to growers in the field, enabling them to make crucial decisioons to maximise the health of their crops.

Under the leadership of founder and CEO Will Wells it offers a suite of services across a range of crops in cereals and vegetables, such as crop stress detection, detection of diseases, weed grass mapping, nutrient management mapping as well as yield prediction and plant counting in row crops. It has also done bespoke work with more unique crops such as Christmas trees and tailored mapping such as pest-damage.

Summing up their decision, the British Farming Awards judges said: “Hummingbird has very rapidly gained traction in the industry, both in the UK and internationally, but understands and is managing effectively the risks and opportunities presented by such rapid growth. They are making significant and impressive impact in the application of machine learning in agriculture and their customer retention rate was highly impressive.”

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