EI Innovate 2021 to examine data-driven approaches in plant science

EI Innovate 2021 will showcase examples of collaborations across three research institutes on the Norwich Research Park, namely EI, the John Innes Centre, and Quadram Institute.

This annual event, taking place on 17th to 18th November, aims to explore opportunities for collaboration between the Earlham Institute (EI) and external organisations.

With a theme of Linking Datasets and Bioscience this year’s event aims to explore how data-driven approaches can unlock new biological understanding and development of new technologies and applications.

Session 1, Natural products & biomanufacturing will explore how synthetic biology and data-driven approaches can facilitate the discovery of new bioactive compounds and develop biomanufacturing platforms based on plants.

Session 2, AI in plant science, will look at how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools and techniques can help us to better understand biological functions in plants that underline important economic traits such as resistance to pathogens, nutrient utilisation, and structural development.

Session 3 will look at Omics approaches to study the human gut microbiome.

The event will bring together a wide range of experts, from academic researchers to businesses in agri-food, biotech and med-tech sectors, to clinicians and pharma sector.

Delegates will be able to find out about specific areas of EI’s expertise and technological platforms and discuss the latest advances and solutions within these fields

There will be opportunities for one-to-one and group meetings to discuss potential ideas for collaboration and make new contacts.

For more details see our events page.

If you have any questions about CHAP’s work in plant science and data-driven technologies, or want to explore a potential proctor idea with us, please send us an email using the enquiries form at the bottom of our homepage.