Early detection of plant pests and diseases examined in collaborative workshop

A collaborative workshop, hosted by CHAP, shone the spotlight on how new technologies and approaches can be developed to improve the early detection of plant pests and diseases.

The online workshop, organised by the team behind CHAP’s New Innovations Programme, brought together a range of industry stakeholders to discuss the current challenges within the topic, and to scope potential ideas to help overcome them.

The insights gained in the session will be used to develop a business case to encourage sector growth and a collaborative way forward.

CHAP Research Associate Dr Jemma Taylor said: “By looking at the plant disease triangle and how we can synergise pathogen, host and environmental sensing, we can de-risk new approaches to crop protection and potentially improve the early detection of threats.

“Exactly how we do this and for what specific purpose is what was explored during the workshop, gaining valuable intel from a range of stakeholders including academics, technology innovators and practitioners.

“This insight will support CHAP in responding to the problem through a robust business case, allowing us to intervene where the market alone has perhaps struggled.

“The early detection technologies exist, but it’s how we apply these and pull them together in a meaningful way.”

The team is now analysing and developing the ideas sparked from the workshop, with a second session planned for August where a list of potential solutions will be presented, drawing on the expertise of CHAP’s capabilities. This will be an opportunity for stakeholders to evaluate the list and give feedback regarding the potential of the solutions to impact the challenges raised.

CHAP would like to thank all of the stakeholders who are taking part in these workshops, helping to provide meaningful knowledge to support the future of innovation in the UK agri-tech sector.

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