Collaboration for Sustainable Resilience Workshop series

January saw the final installment of CHAP’s Innovation Collaboration workshop series, Collaboration for Sustainable Resilience.

Following on from our first collaboration event in September 2019, the programme was delivered in conjunction with open innovation specialists 100%Open. The sessions took place over three days from December 2020 to January 2021. Representatives from our network of partners and members attended three half-day online workshops entitled Explore, Extract, Exploit, in which we explored the importance of working collaboratively, developing innovation ideas and driving project concepts through to market realisation.

The workshops were centered around a key theme of sustainable resilience, where we considered sustainable practice and an environmentally conscious future landscape, as well as how to incorporate resilience into our processes. This is particularly important when faced with challenges such as climate change and unprecedented events such as covid-19. We investigated topics such as net-zero targets, supply chain resilience and turning waste into worth within the UK agricultural sector, highlighting key industry pain points and scoping industry bottlenecks.

Using a rapid process of co-creation, groups generated innovative initial project concepts which were filtered down to focus on one key idea for each group theme to be developed throughout the workshop series. Guided by facilitators from both 100%Open and CHAP, attendees developed ideas using a series of innovation tools designed by 100%Open, such as storyboarding, prototyping and filtering, to develop ideas and explore ways to improve and build on the original concepts. Using an online whiteboard, groups were able to visually build the narratives of project ideas and work collaboratively on developing ideas in a method reflective of a flip chart in an in person event.

At the end of our workshop series, attendees had successfully developed four fantastic innovation ideas, which will be further developed into a business model canvas template outside of the workshop series through a series of mentoring sessions from 100%Open and CHAP. CHAP will work with participants to select appropriate partners and drive towards funding and market realisation.

If you are interested in learning more about this process or in working with CHAP collaboratively on project concepts and development get in touch please send us an email using the enquiries form at the bottom of our homepage.