CHAP member celebrates Soil Association’s product certification

CHAP member Micromix, part of Olmix, is celebrating the verification of several of its products for use in organic farming.

Six Olmix products have received certification by the Soil Association, which means that organic growers now have wider array of biostimulant and nutrient combinations available to them to boost plant health and productivity.

The newly verified products offer improved root development and early growth, better flowering and resistance to abiotic stress, ultimately resulting in higher yields and crop quality.

Olmix designs and makes its large range of natural plant, animal and human care products in France but organic certification in the UK is more stringent than across the Channel, so the firm has been working hard to meet UK legislation.

Chris Gamble at Olmix MPH  said: “Biostimulants can be of tremendous help in both conventional and organic systems, particularly when crops have faced the weather challenges that this year has thrown at them.

“However, until now, organic growers have only had limited options available to them.

“We’re delighted to have finally secured Soil Association verification for six highly technical and refined products, which organic growers can now use to protect and enhance their arable crops.

“All of these products can be used in a tank mix with micronutrients or other organic treatments, and can be used throughout the season to support the plant at different growth stages, from establishment and rooting to flowering,”

The new certifications brings Olmix MPH’s total organic offering to eight – last year Organic Farmers & Growers approved C-Weed 50 and C-Weed AAA.

For more information visit micromix.com.

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