CHAP attends North-East India’s largest agri-tech show

CHAP attended the ‘Digital Agriculture: Harnessing the Power of Technology and Global Innovations’ event which was part of the National Agri Horticultural Show organised by the Government of Assam, India, on 22nd January.

The event was opened by Rudra Chatterjee, Co-Chair North East Advisory Council, FICCI, followed by remarks by Akash Deep, IAS, Commissioner Secretary, Department of Agriculture, Government of Assam.

The formal presentations were opened by Simone Strey, CEO of Plantix, a free app that has a ‘digital imaging doctor’ offering. She explained how this easy-to-use smartphone app uses machine learning to diagnose crop problems, advise on different types of treatment and link farmers with supporting local retailers, to help increase productivity. The data received from the farmers also shows how pests spread in a particular area and help instigate preventative measures.

This was followed by an introduction to three of the four UK Agri-Tech Centres. AgriMetrics was introduced by Matthew Smith, Chief Product Officer, who detailed its role in the data marketplace, highlighting the need for transparency and traceability across the agrifood system. This was followed by Lisa Williams, Director of Business Development at Agri-EPI, who provided an overview of the centre’s capabilities, including SmartFarms which have been created to test and develop technologies to drive efficiency and sustainability on both national and international farm settings. The Agri-Tech Centre presentations were concluded by Chris Delf, Business Development Manager at CHAP, who gave an introduction to CHAP and specifically spoke about CropMonitor Pro, a sophisticated decision support tool developed by Fera, which has been designed for sustainable crop protection.

The final presentations were by Dr. Hung Van Nguyen, on the International Rice Research Institute, (IRRI) and their digital tools and integration of 4.0 model from seed to harvest, followed by Deb Mukherjee, MD, Cenergist India, on Climate smart agriculture value chain.

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