CABI webinars consider the Global Burden of Crop Loss

CABI is presenting a series of webinars on the Burden of crop loss from 26th to 30th October 2020.

The Global Burden of Crop Loss initiative will gather data and produce outputs to improve our ability to understand and predict the impact of emerging diseases, provide accurate and relevant information for decision-makers, allocate resources between diseases and systematically develop investment in, and capacity of, plant health systems.

Day one will see CABI’s Cambria Finegold introduce the subject, with an overview of the purpose and format of the technical sessions and the rationale for starting with maize as a case study will be outlined.

There will then be a technical discussion, led by Cabi’s Richard Shaw and Jeff Reid of Luma Consulting. They will focus on how yield losses can be estimated, using maize as a case study, and other crops with sufficient information for calculating yield loss will also be identified. There will also be a session on identifying the required information and data sets to produce the estimates on national, regional and global levels.

The second day, chaired by Katherine Denby, from the University of York and N8Agrifood, will look at how yield losses can be attributed to either abiotic or biotic factors, and delve into how biotic factors can be further categorized by pest (or category of pest). All this will also consider regional, national and global data sets.

Day three, with Daniel Bebber, from the University of Exeter and CABI’s Roger Day, will focus on calculating the economic cost of yield losses, whether from biotic or abiotic factors, also taking into account the cost of control.

The final session, which will run on 29th October with a repeat on 30th October, will sum up the previous sessions and look to the next steps that need to be taken.

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