An Update on CropMonitor

An Update on CropMonitor

The CropMonitor Pro service predicts the risk posed by a range of pests and diseases, as evidence for the need to spray, using a range of data such as suitable spray timing based on current and predicted crop growth stages, accumulated pest/disease risks and whether the pest/disease has already been observed on the farm. Hourly weather data from the MetOffice at a 2 km resolution has been shown to provide a reliable weather forecast for up to 5 days ahead. In a recent development, the platform now incorporates rain gauge data every 15 minutes from the Environment Agency’s 600+ locations, which is crucial given that rain is the most difficult weather variable to predict.

The CropMonitor Pro module for winter wheat is in the final stages of validation with farmers, prior to its release. The users will have the opportunity to update the outputs from the module with their own information from on-farm observations and their view of the need to spray for different targets. This updated view will then be used to extract a list of available products tailored to the risk targets identified. This list can subsequently be ordered according to efficacy and potential environmental impact. Along with some guidance on fungicide resistance management, the module will also show which days over the next 14 days are most suitable weather-wise to apply a spray treatment.

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