Up to £30m available in latest Innovate UK Transforming Food Production Call

Innovation Director Dr Ruth Bastow attend the launch event for the ISCF Transforming Food Production (TFP) Science and Technology into Practice at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire on November 14th. Ruth joined more than 50 other delegates all of whom had braved the ‘biblical’ weather to learn about the latest in the funding opportunities from Innovate UK.

As part of the TFP family of calls, this opportunity was focused on investment to improve R&D capability and capacity with increased multi and interdisciplinary research as well as increased activities across the innovation chain. The central challenge is to achieve net zero emission by 2040 via the adoption of integrated precision approaches to improve productivity in agricultural systems and more efficient, resilient and sustainable food production systems.

This call, like others published in recent weeks, has five key objectives

  • Data driven solutions to drive primary productivity and work towards net zero
  • Adoption of precision approaches to bridge the productivity gap
  • Establish novel high value production systems to position the UK as technology leader
  • Drive growth in UK precision technology companies, creating jobs and adding value to the UK Agriculture sector
  • Develop export opportunities and increase investment into UK research and Innovation

The Science and Technology into Practice call centres on strengthening collaboration between research and innovation with end-users, using a co-innovation approach to develop new solutions and promote the adoption of new approaches. There are two strands of funding i) Feasibility and ii) Demonstration


£5M Budget, Project size 75-250K; 16-18 months, Research or business lead, research organisation up to 50%.

Deadline 26th Feb 2020



£10M Budget, Project size 400K to 4M, 30 months, Business lead, research organisations up to 30%, KE focus


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