The 49th Intelligent Sensing Programme – Sensing in Precision (Digital) Agriculture

CHAP’s Innovation Network Lead, Dr Harry Langford, attended this KTN event on the transferable application of sensor technologies to precision agricultural challenges.

The development of sensing technologies, ICT and big-data technologies over the past few years has provided a opportunities to revolutionise farming technologies, which could potentially transform the traditional farming industry into an intelligent farming industry, enabling precision and digital agriculture.

The one-day workshop in Leeds on 19th September brought together representatives from the agriculture sector, sensor technology providers, new technology developers and innovation funders to promote the innovation, development and the adaptation of sensing technologies in the UK farming industry.

The event aimed to outline agricultural challenges to a range of sensing companies to stimulate conversations and spark ideas to take forward. Areas covered included ‘how to detect the marketable yield of a field crop’, ‘how to automatically selectively harvest horticultural crops’ and ‘how to non-destructively profile nutrition of in-field crops.

The day was well attended by industry, with sensing companies including PES Technologies, Fungi Alert, Zimmer & Peacock, 30 Mhz and FIbrelogix, all outlining their technology offers. Overall, it was an interesting and thought-provoking day, full of useful advice, such as ‘keeping your product hardware agnostic and knowing your return on investment per hectare’ quoting from Dave Ross of our sister UK Agri-Tech Centre Agri-EPI.

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