Regen ag – from principles to practice

Telling the story of regenerative agriculture, from principles to practice, was the purpose of a knowledge transfer webinar delivered by Agri-Tech Innovation Centre, CHAP.

Attendees were taken on a journey starting with current academic research and field trials, and concluding with study tour findings and practical farm experiences.

CHAP’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Janine Adamson, chaired the event. She said: “Everyone is talking about regen ag at the moment, it really is ‘of the moment’.

“So here we wanted to join different perspectives together, to form a digestible narrative. Whether you’re an academic, farmer or retail brand, the end goal is ultimately the same, but how does it actually link together?

“We were delighted to be able to tell that story from academia to the farm, or in this case, principles to practice. And all within around an hour!”

Opening up the guest speaker line-up was Dr Michail Giannitsopoulos from Cranfield University, who spoke about his PhD research findings – the effects of five conservation tillage systems on soil condition and crop yields in a wheat-oilseed rape rotation.

This was followed by Newcastle University Farms’ Director of Farms, James Standen, who discussed field trials currently taking place, and the university’s transition to regen ag.

The third guest speaker was Agrii Agronomist and Nuffield Farming Scholar, Chris Taylor. Unable to attend live, Mr Taylor provided a video presentation that explored initial findings from his study tour, focusing on how regen ag can help to futureproof crop production.

Concluding the webinar speaker line-up was Harriet Bell, Regenerative Farming Lead for Riverford Organic Farmers. She presented Riverford’s journey beyond organic, and how the brand is presenting regen ag to consumers.

Mrs Adamson added: “As always, we had a varied and engaged audience in attendance, from 12 countries worldwide.”

“CHAP is all about building meaningful relationships and networks within agri-tech, to accelerate our industry’s innovation journey. What better way to achieve that than through sharing insights and knowledge transfer webinars.”

To view a recording of the webinar, visit CHAP’s YouTube channel.


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Cranfield and Newcastle Universities are both CHAP partners, and Agrii is a CHAP member.