November knowledge exchange webinars from CHAP

Scaling up innovation and regenerative agriculture are the themes of two upcoming knowledge exchange webinars from Agri-Tech Centre, CHAP.

The first online event, taking place on November 10, is being run in conjunction with CHAP partner Cranfield University, to celebrate Agri-TechE’s Agri-Tech Week. It aims to explore what it takes to scale up agricultural innovation, evolving an initial idea through to making an impact in the marketplace.

Attendees can expect to hear from Cranfield University’s Professor David Rose, CHAP’s Amy Farrington and Dr Michael Squance from miscanthus experts Terravesta.

Head of Marketing and Communications for CHAP, Janine Adamson, said: “What better way to celebrate Agri-Tech Week than by hosting a free knowledge exchange webinar, full of tips, advice and first-hand experiences.

“This will prove a great starting point for those looking for information about the support available from CHAP and Cranfield, whether that be an SME or early-stage entrepreneur. First-hand stories from Terravesta will provide context and a flavour of what it really means practically speaking.”

The second event on November 15 is the latest instalment in CHAP’s educational series, exploring regenerative agriculture, from principles to practice. Attendees are invited to follow the ‘regen ag’ journey starting with current research and trials, and concluding with on-farm actions and results.

The guest speaker line-up includes Dr Michail Giannitsopoulos from Cranfield University, James Standen from Newcastle University Farm, agronomist and Nuffield Scholar Chris Taylor from Agrii, and Riverford Organic Farmers’ Harriet Bell.

Janine added: “As network builders and collaborators, CHAP is passionate about bringing the very best in expertise together under one ‘roof’, and opening that up to a wider audience as knowledge transfer.

“We’ve had great success with our educational webinars in the past, and with such a fantastic line-up, we have high hopes for this one too. Everyone is talking about regen ag and the future of sustainable agriculture, we’re proud to be part of the discussion.”


To sign-up for scaling up innovation: from idea to market on November 10, click here. 

For regenerative agriculture, from principles to practice on November 15, click here.