KTN Transforming Food Production event in York

The latest KTN event for Transforming Food Production; Science and Technology into Practice, Feasibility and Demonstration Briefing was held in York on November 27th .

The event was well-attended with presentations in the morning from Agri-EPI and Graham Ward of Stockbridge Technology Centre who showcased the facility’s Vertical Farm facilities, including the CHAP Vertical Farm Development Centre.

After lunch there were 22 short five-minute pitches given by participants hoping to garner support for their projects. The pitch presented by CHAP Innovation Hub Lead, Richard Glass outlined the CHAP capabilities and put forward a proposal for a collaborative demonstration project using biopesticides in arable agriculture.

Currently there are no biopesticides approved for use on wheat or oilseed rape in the UK, and the project would initially use a selection of products with approvals for horticultural crops.

This would involve using Assessed Experimental Permits in the large-scale demonstration field trials and evaluating IPM programmes and application techniques to optimise the efficacy of the biopesticides.

If you have any questions about working with CHAP on a specific project, please contact us at enquiries@chap-solutions.co.uk