Farm Urban launches its Greens for Good campaign

CHAP member Farm Urban is launching a new campaign to extend the reach of its healthy eating mission across the city of Liverpool.

Farm Urban social enterprise, which has been growing greens in the heart of Liverpool since 2014 and has created the city’s first underground vertical farm in its Baltic basement is preparing to launch its Greens for Good offshoot.

Over the past five years, Farm Urban has been educating schools, businesses, universities and communities on the benefits of growing food in cities, and how we can create a sustainable future for food. With its roots firmly anchored in Farm Urban’s Baltic basement, Greens for Good is a new initiative aimed at bringing healthy, locally-grown greens to people across Liverpool and beyond. Using the soil-less growing systems of hydroponics and aquaponics, Farm Urban grows food in space-saving vertical towers.

“Our produce is 100% pesticide free,” explains Technical Director, Jens Thomas. “It’s grown using 90% less water than if it was grown in a field; it’s zero-waste and it’s hyper-local.”

Greens for Good means businesses will be able to bring aquaponic systems and edible walls into their offices, creating vibrant green spaces and access to nutritious, healthy greens for their staff. There is also an option to go like for like and match the same into a local school.

Farm Urban Managing Director Paul Myers said: “Greens for Good is the next step in Farm Urban’s mission to get fresh, healthy greens into every classroom in Liverpool and educate children and young people about where their food comes from. By delivering boxes of Mighty Greens and education programmes to schools across the city, the Greens for Good campaign is creating a positive change in our relationship with sustainable, healthy food.”

Greens for Good launches on November 14th 2019. In addition, tours of the vertical farm will be available from 2020.

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