Dr Ross adds to Lockdown Learning with Slime Time

Dr Jenna Ross has added to the learning materials on the EatFarmNow Lockdown Learning website.

Jenna’s contribution is, naturally, a video and activities about slugs, as she says, it could be interesting for anyone who might be feeling a little bit ‘sluggish’ on lockdown.

Jenna explains the difference between slugs and snails, points out identifying features and even reveals a rather alarming fact about the amount of teeth slugs have – but you will have to watch to find that out!

With the help of her nieces Ava and Grace Jenna’s contribution includes instructions on how to set up a slug trap and a slime race with jelly worms in place of slugs. And slug and snail art ideas! For those who might want to test their knowledge after watching the video there is also the Slime Time Quiz.

Look out for further CHAP content soon.

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