CHAP’s Lockdown Learning continues with Dr Emma Campbell and the IHCEA

CHAP’s Lockdown Learning adventures have seen another installment with the addition of not one but three videos from Dr Emma Campbell, Research Assistant at CHAP’s Innovation Hub for Controlled Environment Agriculture (IHCEA).

Emma introduces the IHCEA vertical farm housed inside three connected shipping containers, giving a tour of the germination room and the different water systems that the plants grow in, explaining along the way why vertical farming is so important.

She then provides Build your own Hydroponic Farm activities, with videos tailored to the abilities of younger and older schoolchildren.

In the first video, Emma, with assistance from her own Junior Scientific Assistants Ben and Daisy, shows how even very young children can grow their own plants in a hydroponic set up at home, with results being seen in about a week – we all know how important it is for young children to have a quick win. All that is needed is a small pot, cotton wool, water and some seeds.

In the second activity, aimed at older schoolchildren Emma explains how to set up a more advanced hydroponic set up at home.

To see the videos go to Lockdown Vertical Farming

The CHAP IHCEA is run in partnership with Liberty Produce at the James Hutton Institute in Dundee.

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