CHAP spreads Agri-Tech Innovation message at KTN webinar

CHAP’s Jenna Ross was one of an impressive panel of speakers spreading the message about Agri-Tech Innovation at a KTN webinar last week.

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) webinar on Integrated Pest Management and The Future of Farming was held on June 9th. It included a series of presentations and lively discussion covering the many aspects of IPM, which is currently seen as a priority area for research to support sustainable crop production while protecting the environment.

Reduction in product choice with conventional plant protection products and increasing resistance is placing greater focus on alternative and complementary control methods. Innovation Hub Lead Jenna Ross gave an overview of the CHAP capabilities and key projects with novel diagnostic techniques for potato cyst nematode and non-chemical slug control.

CHAP partner organisations were also involved, including David George from Newcastle University, presenting recent work to highlight the role of topics such as biological control techniques, cover cropping and companion crops in IPM programmes, and Paul Neve from AHDB, discussing the AHDB’s strategy and approach to IPM. Other speakers included Jurriaan Ton from the University of Sheffield, covering the use of priming agents, Martin Clough from Syngenta Crop Protection, discussing future approaches for IPM, Toby Bruce from Keele University, who spoke more specifically about resistance and key threats, Roma Gwynn from Biorationale, who covered the regulatory approval system, and Andrew McLay from InnovateUK, who gave an overview of the ISCF TFP and how it is being used to encourage adoption of tech at farm level.

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