CHAP expertise supports CONNECTED

CHAP’s industry expertise was put to the test recently, to help maximise the potential of six pump-prime funded research projects, aimed at targeting insect-spread plant viruses.

The projects are the result of £500k of funding from UKRI International, awarded to the CONNECTED network, based at the University of Bristol.

To further exploit these projects, the research teams behind them were invited to outline their ideas to a panel of experts, including representatives from CHAP and partners. These workshops involved discussing their research and impact proposals, building in further considerations such as economic impact, maximising local markets, and the work required to develop their technologies.

Having received the project outlines, the panel then suggested avenues for additional funding, as well as providing constructive critique to help strengthen the projects.

Overseeing the workshops were CHAP’s International Business Manager, Dr Jenna Ross OBE; Sector Team Lead, Dr Andy Evans; and Research Associate in New Innovations, Dr Jemma Taylor. For the panel, CHAP recruited experts from its network – Dr Julian Smith from Rothamsted Research, Dr Rob Reeder from CABI and economic and business development consultant, Jean Hamilton.

A report was later produced based on the workshop outputs, providing evidence and recommendations from the panel to CONNECTED, to aid final assessments of the projects for future funding. Successful projects will begin later this year.

CHAP will continue to support CONNECTED through the delivery of three webinars in March, exploring efficacy, commercialisation, and regulation of biopesticides in Africa.

For more information about this project, contact CHAP at enquiries@chap-solutions.co.uk or visit www.chap-solutions.co.uk