CABI partnership aims to help smallholder farms in Kenya

CHAP partner CABI is looking to help smallholder farmers in Kenya to increase their yields through ecological intensification (EI), in order to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. ‘No Poverty’ and
‘Zero Hunger’

A team of CABI scientists are working in partnership with the University of Reading, the Natural History Museum (UK) and the National Museum of Kenya, to survey a number of smallholder farms to understand the challenges facing farmers and determine what could prevent the adoption of EI.

The researchers are working to try and fill knowledge gaps in farmers’ awareness of natural pest control and pollination, which can have a significant impact on yields.

Monica Kansiime, Project Manager for CABI in Nairobi, said, “Smallholder farmers who do not have access to or knowledge of ecological pest management solutions have to invest in expensive inorganic products which affect food quality.”

Supported by information from CABI’s Plantwise plant doctor network, , the data gathered from the project will lead to the development of a policy brief outlining the key challenges and opportunities facing smallholders in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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