Biological Control conference addresses innovation crisis

The Advances in Biological Control and IPM 2019 conference was held on November 20-21 in Marston, Lincs. Presentations were given covering a wide range of topics related to biological control, with several PhD students presenting impressive work covering topics such as vine weevil control and the use of proteomics to identify target sites in both pest and beneficial organisms.

Jon Chambers of the HSE Chemicals Regulation Division addressed questions related to the registration process for biological PPPs, often seen as lengthy and costly in the EU compared to other regulatory systems such as that of the EPA in the US.

The conference had a focus of addressing the innovation crisis with a discussion session at the end of the first day, led by Toby Bruce of Keele University.

CHAP’s Richard Glass was a member of the discussion panel and provided details of current funding opportunities with Innovate UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund and work being done by CHAP to develop a proposal in the programme “Transforming food production by putting science and technology into practice”.

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