Bank recognises importance of Agri-Tech Innovations

As part of their support strategy for business customers and especially start-up businesses, Barclays Bank have set up a network of Eagle Labs across the UK.

The original idea was to utilise redundant space in bank buildings where the retail banking area was no longer used. However, the idea has been so popular that Barclays are working with commercial landlords to develop entrepreneur support facilities.

One such Lab is adjacent to the Cranfield University campus and when Barclays decided to put on an event about Artificial Intelligence, the focus was on agriculture.

In some ways that was recognition that agriculture is undergoing significant changes powered by digital technology.

The speakers were Wendy Hewitson and Wasim Hanif of Barclays, Shamal Mohammed, CTO of Agri-EPI Centre at Cranfield, Professor Ronald Corstanje, Head of Environmental Data Science at Cranfield and Chris Horton, Managing Director of Performance Projects, a company developing an autonomous electric powered tractor, and CHAP Business Development Manager Chris Delf.

There were more than 70 in the audience, including several local farmers.  Chris gave an outline of the role of the Four Agri-Tech Centres of Excellence, pointing out the investment in research and development that farmers often never see first hand but gain the benefits from.

After the formal presentations, he also took the opportunity to talk to some of the farmers about current issues and the activity at Cranfield.

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