Apply for a share of £191m Covid-recovery fund

Two opportunities have opened as part of Innovate UK’s £191m Sustainable Innovation Fund, a fund to help all sectors of the UK recover, grow and create new opportunities from the aftermath of Covid-19.

The Innovate UK Sustainable Innovation Fund Round 1 is an investment of up to £55m, designed to fund single and collaborative research and development projects to help organisations across the economy recover from Covid-19 in a clean and resilient way.  Each organisation – working alone or in a collaboration – can claim a maximum of £175,000. The competition closes on 29th July. For more details click here.

The separate Sustainable Innovation Fund SBRI phase 1 is worth up to £10m. It is aimed at larger clean-tech projects that are pathfinders to the UK’s net-zero ambitions, demonstrating the impact and potential of a clean growth led recovery from Covid-19 while also making the transition to net zero. Phase 1 will focus on exploring the feasibility of proposals.  The feasibility study R&D contracts will be up to £60,000 for each project for up to three months.

Phase 2 will concentrate on continued research, development and testing. This second phase will award R&D contracts to organisations that were successful in the first phase. A total of up to £70m has been allocated to support successful projects in phase 2. Up to £3 million including VAT, will be available for each 12 month contract, in order to develop a prototype and undertake field testing. The competition closes on 5th August. For more details click here.

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