AAB International Advances in Pesticide Application Conference

The Association of Applied Biologists (AAB) International Advances in Pesticide Application Conference was held on 28-30th January in Brighton.

Invited Speaker David Chandler of the University of Warwick presented aspects of the use of biopesticides and their application, with data from the AHDB-funded AMBER project.

More than 60 presentations from academia and industry showcased the latest research in the area of pesticide application technology from across 15 countries, with several delegates from Brazil and the USA.

CHAP Innovation Hub Lead Richard Glass was one of the conference organisers and also chaired a session on Knowledge Exchange and training, with details of the progress with EU-funded projects such as TOPPS and INNOSETA, which deal with farmer training and awareness to minimise pesticide losses to the environment and more efficient sustainable crop protection systems.

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