The Role of CEA in the Sustainability of the Agriculture Sector - Conference (Online)

Wednesday 18th November 2020

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing exciting opportunities for farmers to increase productivity, protect the environment and make farming safer.

The goal of CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) is to circumvent and minimise factors such as seasonal, and unpredictable weather. To encourage environmentally friendly food production systems and to provide a year-round high quality crop production system, that is traceable throughout the whole production chain.

The Government has committed a £90million investment through its Transforming Food Production Challenge (Industrial Strategy) and the use of CEA in this important sector will be explored. This sector employs almost 4 million people and is larger than the automotive and aerospace sectors combined. AgriTech companies are already working closely with UK farmers, using technology, particularly robotics and AI, to help create new technologies and herald new innovations. This is a truly exciting time for the industry as there is a growing recognition that the significant challenges facing global agriculture represent unique opportunities for innovation, investment and commercial growth.

Register now and our expert guests to dive deeper into CEA and how you can apply it to your business.


Wendy Hewitson – AgriTech Programme Manager

Richard Glass – Innovation Sector Lead; Crop Health and Protection (CHAP)

Alexander Giles – Commercial Director; Liberty Produce


Wednesday 18th November 2020

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