Crop Storage and Post-Harvest Solutions

The Crop Storage and Post-harvest Solutions (CSPS) facilities are distributed across three locations in the UK, with one hosted by the Advanced Plant Health Growth Centre in Invergowrie, Scotland, as part of the James Hutton Institute (JHI), another located at ADAS Boxworth, in Cambridge, and a third at the Natural Resources Institute (NRI) in East Malling, Kent, which hosts the Produce Quality Centre.

Capital investment was secured by CHAP with funding from Innovate UK, additional funding at the JHI site came from the Scottish Government and the ADAS site, from ADAS. The funding at NRI has been used to expand an already existing University unit.

These facilities offer the capability to simulate supply chain environments with accurate control and monitoring of storage conditions; temperature, humidity and atmospheric composition (e.g. CO2). Projects will focus on the agricultural and horticultural value chain to develop strategies to improve crop handling and storage, retain quality and reduce losses.


Initial research priorities will include:

  • Development of pre and post harvest monitoring and modelling for prediction of storage potential
  • Supply chain tracking and monitoring, optimising store management with a focus on energy efficiency
  • Research on opportunities for automation & labour saving
  • Development and testing of potato sprout suppressant technologies plus testing novel, sustainable packaging materials


In the future the CSPS facility network will focus on further increasing the resilience of food supply chains by reducing food waste, increasing shelf-life and optimising the food value chain from primary production through to retail. The CSPS network is available for R&D projects and collaborations for interested stakeholders in the following key areas:

  • Development of sensors, tags and bioindicators for produce quality management
  • Testing innovative methods for post harvest control of microbial decay and spoilage
  • Understanding and controlling the biology that influences food storage and shelf-life


Contacts and Facilities

Natural Resources Institute (NRI)

The facility comprises of 10 temperature-controlled rooms and >70 experimental chambers over a range of sizes, each with independent atmospheric control.

Prof. Debbie Rees                                               Dr Richard Colgan

Email: d.rees@gre.ac.uk                                      Email: R.J.Colgan@gre.ac.uk

ADAS Boxworth

The facility comprises of three 6 tonne temperature-controlled and CO2-controlled units which can be managed independently.

  James Clarke, Research Director

  Email: james.clarke@adas.co.uk

  General enquiries email: Cropstorage@adas.co.uk

Advanced Plant Health Growth Centre, James Hutton Institute

The facility comprises of six 4 tonne temperature-controlled and CO2-controlled units which can be managed independently.

Professor Derek Stewart, Director                     Ramin Ebrahimnejad, APGC Business Development Manager

Email: Derek.Stewart@hutton.ac.uk                  Email: ramin.ebrahimnejad@huttonltd.com