3 Good Reasons to engage with CHAP

We believe that investment in the agri-tech centre now can revolutionise farming in the next few decades.

1. Our workshops
CHAP arranges regular seminars and workshops to identify the top common priorities faced by different parts of the agri-food sector. You can be part of these sessions and help us to support you by finding the solutions. Whether it’s robotic crop surveillance with automatic DNA sequencing of pests and pathogens for better control and reduced use of pesticideor robotic harvesting systems, widespread rainfall capture and storage, integration of BIG Data platforms to aid management decisions, we will challenge our academic partners and others to propose research projects which will provide answers to your questions. (CHAP workshops). CHAP invites you to be part of these exciting new developments.

2. CHAP’s USP is a focus on collaboration.
CHAP’s partners can do together what no other single part of the agri-food sector can do alone. We have ten Founder Partners (partners). Our expertise and experience covers the full range of the agri-food sector. Engage with one of us and you have access to all ten.

If you have a project idea, but don’t have the collective expertise to develop it, CHAP invites you to call upon our team and our expertise to turn a nugget of an idea into reality.

3. Our capabilities and services

CHAP is proud to have developed some of the most advanced diagnostic technologies which helps us to identify the major yield limiting threats within our current farming system. CHAP is creating a national capability for resistance and virulence management.

We are developing advanced precision farming technologies to enable farmers and growers to make the most of their crops at minimum cost. A precision strip-till cultivator will be used on projects that focus on polycultural production.

We are building a state of the art E-Flow mesocosm, the first of its kind in Europe, which will provide a test bed for regulatory risk assessment of agrochemicals.

Soil is home to one of the richest, most complex biological communities on Earth and is vital for maintaining balanced ecosystems, climate control and agricultural production. Our industry leading soil facilities at Cranfield University brings a new dimension to our ability to interrogate the soil ecosystem.

Led Lighting for crop production in glasshouses and closed buildings has the potential to help address key issues around population growth, climate change and pesticide free agronomy.

We have four mobile laboratories, which you can use directly in your field for instant results and advice.

CHAP is the developing novel large scale screening for potential fungal biopesticides to control the main crops identified as current relevance to UK agriculture and the UK’s food supply chain.  Read more

CHAP is creating a Reference Collection of crop biotic threats. Read more

Our international services include drop-in clinics and advice for farmers who have infected plants and tablets to speed up the diagnosis of pests and diseases.


All these technologies and scientific expertise are available for you to use.

Contact us enquiries@chap-solutions.co.uk or call us on 01904 462062