CHAP has four mobile laboratories located at Newcastle University (x2), Stockbridge Technology Centre, near Selby and AHDB at Sutton Bridge.

These trailers and their on board laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment are available to use by farmers, growers, agronomists, agrichemical companies who want to find solutions to specific crop health problems. This will enable them to make quick decisions about the best actions to take to deal with these challenges.

This could include chemical resistance testing to weeds (eg: black grass), funghi (eg: Septoria) and pests (eg: cabbage stem flea beetle) or general tests on soil health to discover what needs to be done to improve fertilisation and crop yield. CHAP scientists will work with the grower to determine the best course of action, based on the information gathered from the tests, to maximise crop yields and profits.

The trailers also provide a unique platform for biochemical companies to perform their own testing and validation protocols in-field, which will accelerate product development and the process of securing regulatory approval.

Here is the trailer at BP2017 at the Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate. We can also bring a trailer to your farm and provide the scientific background and equipment you need to solve your crop health problems.

Here is a CHAP scientist testing for latent Septoria in wheat.

Our services include:

On farm demonstration and knowledge exchange

  • new technology, services and training.
  • in-field end user testing and validation.

On farm laboratory services

  • sample collection and testing prior to storage.
  • development of new diagnostic testing facilities (for example blackgrass herbicide resistance).
  • environmental monitoring.
  • soil health monitoring.
  • collection hub for precision agriculture sensors and equipment.
  • real-time data interpretation and decision making.

Incident response

  • rapid deployment of scientific capability at incident source.
  • business continuity for lab closures.

More information about the laboratory equipment available here.

You can find out exactly what they do by watching this film here:

Contact Details

For any further information about this capability or if you are interested in discussing a collaboration and/or a grant or commercially funded project, please contact or telephone  01904 462062