Stockbridge Technology Centre (STC) based at Cawood, Selby, North Yorkshire helps deliver technological developments for the crop production industry. STC is an independent centre of excellence for the agri-food sector supported by both the production and supply sectors.

Why is there a need

This precision machinery is available for hire to ensure repeatable GPS guided trials as part of the ongoing plant health and protection R&D work at STC. Further details of the gap it is filling are outlined below:-

What is the Asset

The Centre’s precision strip-till cultivator will be utilised on projects that focus on polycultural production and its multiple benefits to crop health. This machinery will allow cropping directly into ‘green understories’, with associated benefits to plant health and protection.

The Centre ‘s precision seeder will allow work to be conducted into the crop health benefits of variable rate seeding regimes. This asset will also be of use in ‘standard’ field trials to ensure repeatable and accurate sowing of plots.

The Centre’s variable rate and precision spraying equipment for precision spray application will allow variable rate treatment of crops with plant protection products, as well as fertilisers, to optimise plant health with minimal product use. This asset will also be of significant benefit to any trial involving field-based product screening (e.g. pesticides, fungicides) allowing highly accurate and fully repeatable placement and deployment of test products onto experimental plots.

How it can help the agricultural sector

Our primary focus is on ‘industry need’ and we are used to developing and delivering demonstration projects and innovative technology to farmers and growers. These two pieces of equipment attach to a tractor and combined with GPS capability provide farmers with a precision till, sow and spray capability.  They are to be used in field trials to demonstrate methods for producing more crops while using fewer resources and pesticides.

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