Asset 5 – Lab to Field Demonstration Units at Newcastle University

The Centre has four towable trailers that have been designed to be used as fully autonomous ‘in-field’ laboratories. The trailers are fully equipped to demonstrate scientific equipment, undertake on-farm testing and diagnostics and to participate in knowledge exchange events throughout the Europe. Two are kept In Newcastle University, one at Stockbridge Technology Centre (near Selby) and the third is at The Centre’s HQ in Sand Hutton.

What is it the Asset

The trailers provide flexible technology and demonstrator platforms, which can be rapidly configured to suit client- and event-specific needs. They operate as mobile satellites of extensive agri-tech resources and competences at Newcastle University.  The trailers are fully integrated with the newly modernised Laboratories at Cockle Park Farm where follow-on analysis and interpretation can be conducted were necessary.

Services Offered

  1. On farm demonstration and knowledge exchange
    1. New technology demonstrations and training
    2. Protocol validation by end users
  1. On Farm laboratory services
    1. On-farm sampling, processing and storage
    2. Developing on farm diagnostic tests  (for example Blackgrass herbicide resistance)
    3. Environmental monitoring
    4. Precision Agriculture data collection hub
    5. UAV imaging, hyperspectral  and crop canopy sensors
    6. Data handling and real-time interpretation
  1. Incident Response
    1. Rapid deployment of scientific capability at incident source
    2. Business continuity for lab closures

Why is it of interest to farmers

The lab-to-field demonstration units will give farmers the knowledge, skills and technology to tackle biotic crop threats, the mobile laboratories will help to minimise losses, improve yields and increase revenues through dissemination of the most up-to-date and sustainable practices

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If you would like more information please contact:

Professor Robert Edwards, Head of School Agriculture Food and Rural Development
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Steven Hall, Scientific Programme Manager

Asset 5 Lab to Field Demonstration Facilities at Stockbridge Technology Centre

Stockbridge Technology Centre (STC) based at Cawood, Selby, North Yorkshire, was created to ensure continued technological developments for the crop production industry. STC provides an independent centre of excellence for the agri-food industry supported by both the production and supply sectors capable of validating, demonstrating and adapting new technology to suit industry need.

Why is there a need?

There is an increasing amount of science in the agri-food sector that is not reaching UK farmers & growers quickly enough and this is largely due to a progressive erosion of facilities for translational research & knowledge exchange and a concomitant loss of skills and expertise in this area. It is vital that this gap between basic science and application/demonstration for the agri-food industry is filled and STC is well-placed to help in this regard.

What is the Asset

We have upgraded existing facilities on site to help translate scientific developments into commercial practice through demonstration and knowledge exchange. Conference & meeting room facilities (with seating for up to 75) have been upgraded and this includes access to a series of interactive touch screens for promotional activities. We also have a sound system to aid outdoor demonstration events in the field. We are also housing one of the lab-field trailers on site and have a range of equipment to help demonstrate & promote the capability for on-site crop diagnostics to farmers & growers.

How it can help the agricultural sector

The primary focus at STC is on ‘industry need’ and we are used to developing and delivering demonstration projects and innovative technology to farmers & growers. It will become increasingly important in the future for primary research providers to align themselves more closely with such applied demonstration centres to ensure scientific advances are translated into practical, economically viable, solutions for the agri-food sector.  CHAP has a vital role to play in this regard but it will require support from all parties for rapid progress to be made for the long-term benefit of the industry.

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If you want more information on this asset, or book a tour of our facilities or discuss a potential collaboration with us, please contact:

Dr Martin McPherson, Innovation & Technology Director
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Dr David George, Science Director
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Dr Phil Davis, Head of Plant Physiology & Lighting
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STC Office telephone no. is +44 (0) 1757 268275