AHDB Sutton Bridge CSR is based at Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire and delivers research and knowledge exchange for the crop storage industry. SBCSR is an independent centre of excellence for the agri-food sector specialising in potato and field vegetable storage for producers, supply chains and broader industry.

Why is there a need?

In a world with a fast-growing population and limited resources, agriculture is constantly being challenged to produce more food while using natural resources more efficiently.

Optimising post-harvest storage is an important priority, ensuring there is year-round continuity of food supply and maximising returns for farmers. The UK’s largest stored crop is potatoes, with more than three million tonnes in storage each year. However, up to one sixth of this is lost due to wastage and the landscape for maintaining crop quality through disease control and sprout suppression is changing so further research is needed to define optimum storage regimes for the future.

What is the Asset?

CHAP has co-invested with the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board to develop this new post-harvest storage facility at its globally recognised Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research centre. This comprises a range of new experimental stores with state of the art capabilities to conduct top quality storage research in an environment free of chemical residues. These new stores are complemented by on-site training facilities for knowledge exchange with the storage industry.

All of the work at SBCSR can be quality assured to ISO 9001 and the site is an Officially Recognised Efficacy Testing Organisation for data submission to the Chemicals Regulation Division of HSE.

How it can help the agricultural sector

Our primary focus is on ‘industry need’ and we are used to developing and delivering applied research projects and innovative technology to farmers, growers and supply chains using AHDB’s network of knowledge exchange routes.

The stores will be used as part of an on-going strategic focus to deliver relevant, efficient and cost-effective storage solutions for crop production systems to meet the markets’ quality, regulatory and sustainability targets.


 If you would like more information on this Asset, to book a tour of our facility or to discuss a potential contract or collaboration with us, please contact:

Mr Adrian Cunnington, Head of Crop Storage Research
Email : adrian.cunnington@ahdb.org.uk

Dr Glyn Harper, Senior Scientist
Email : glyn.harper@ahdb.org.uk

Mr Adrian Briddon, Senior Scientist
Email : adrian.briddon@ahdb.org.uk

AHDB Sutton Bridge CSR telephone no. is +44 (0) 1406 351444. Site postcode is PE12 9YD.