CHAP was established to make sure that the knowledge and insight from the UK’s science base is translated into benefits for farmers, growers and the food industry both at home and abroad. CHAP is unique in that it operates through collaboration between multiple strands of the sector.


February 28th in London

On 28 Feb CHAP held, with the support of KTN, it’s very first “SME Day” in central London, bringing together a small number of targeted SMEs that would have an interest in learning more about and potentially collaborating with CHAP in 3 areas:  Vertical Growing/Hydroponics, Novel Chemicals/Bio-pesticides and Diagnostics/Sensors.  Despite the weather and travel disruptions we had representatives from 11 SMEs attending, together with staff from our partners at Rothamsted, Fera, CABi.  Unfortunately the weather got the better of STC who were unable to attend due to localised travel issues In Yorkshire, but between KTN, CHAP and CABi we were able to cover off the vertical growing/hydroponics and biopesticide capabilities at STC.  Although it was a relatively small audience, there were many highly engaging discussions and individual one-to-one meetings between the SMEs and specific asset holder partners.  We believe a significant number of those discussions will now be taken further to develop project proposals aimed for funding calls in the immediate future.  Initial feedback from the attendees was that this was a well-organised event and a real opportunity for them to understand the capabilities within CHAP (and partners) and more importantly how we can help the SMEs to support the development of their respective businesses.  A more formal feedback will be obtained, but we will use this “pilot” SME Day now to hold similar SME Days on other specific topics in the near future.


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Tesco Industry Day

November 16th at NAFIC, Sand Hutton

Following the Tesco TSFG Brassica suppliers’ group day in November we are delighted that they are keen to take some of the projects forward early in 2018. The aim of the day was to give the group a better understanding of the role of CHAP and how they can access our capabilities. Chris Danks from KTN gave them a very thorough introduction to the UK funding landscape. This was followed by presentations from Rob Simmons on the Cranfield Brassica Yield forecasting model, Rachel Benstead talked them through the E-Flows Mesocosm and Phill Davies and Adam Omerod, once again, did an impressive job of setting up a mobile demonstration of STC’s LED lighting on basil.  The last couple of hours of the day was an open discussion on the challenges facing the sustainability of brassica production, which led to a number of potential projects being identified, using several CHAP assets, for a variety of potential funding routes and consortiums.

If you would like to set up an Industry day with your stakeholders, please contact us at

CHAP – Farmers Day

October 25th at NAFIC, Sand Hutton, York

CHAP (Crop Health and Protection), one of the 4 Government agri- tech Centres set up in 2015 is embarking on a programme of engagement with farmers, growers and other key industry players. This includes a series of seminars to explain what CHAP does, what we can do for you and, very importantly, to find out what your key priorities are, so that we can go back to our science base and develop solutions.

With this is mind, CHAP is hosting a workshop for farmers in Yorkshire and the North East at CHAP’s headquarters in Sand Hutton, near York on October 25th 2017.

We already have much to show you that will be of interest to you and which will help make your lives easier, your crops more productive and which will save time and money. This includes precision farming techniques, crop varietal performance evaluated to D.N.A  level, agri-diagnostics, testing for blackgrass in 10 minutes or for latent septoria in cereal crops. Over the summer, we have created a national weather monitoring service with 30 bespoke met stations to collect and report data relevant to the understanding and prediction of pest and disease risk. We also have 4 mobile laboratories which go straight into the field, avoiding the time consuming  task of taking samples to the laboratory and which can connect the farmer direct to the researcher.

During the course of the day we will be able to demonstrate some of these technologies so you can see for yourself how they work. You will also hear first-hand from a farmer who has been working with us and who has said, ‘ I can say I have not been disappointed with CHAP. There is a clear grasp of the challenges facing arable farmers and the solutions that are being established are not only mind-blowing, but also enable farmers and agronomists tackle some of the real- life day to day issues that we all have’.

After lunch, we will divide into smaller groups for a brainstorming session about your top priorities and these will later be presented to our science base so they can find answers to your questions.

If you are interested in attending  please contact Charlotte Milligan

Agenda for the Day

Industry day September 13th 2017

Brandon Hall Hotel, Brandon, Coventry CV8 3FW

The Industry day is part of this process. We want to learn more about your priorities, so that we can use our networks to find solutions.

At the end of the day we will create a number of projects, which we will challenge our science partners to come up with answers.

Agenda for the Day